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Claymore’s Zcash (ZEC) AMD miner has bot updated a duo of times already since the release of the initial version from some days ago. The number of optimizations and hashrate improvements with pretty much each major update has bot tremendous, bringing back to life many of the old AMD Radeon GPUs such spil 7950/7970 or the 280X, some of the most popular mining movie cards for the last few years. The latest release, already a major version 6 brought more fixes and optimizations ter terms of spectacle. Spil one would expect Nvidia is left behind once more, even however there were some signs that recently it wasgoed beginning to catch up to the levels of vertoning of AMD GPUs, it is now yet again significantly slower. So owners of Nvidia-based mining equipments might want to switch to some other alternative for mining at the uur after the latest vertoning boosts from Claymore. Do have ter mind however that Claymore’s Zcash miner does come with a Two.5% dev toverfee, below is a list of major switches and updates of the miner after the initial release:

– improved speed by about 15-25% (depends on card proefje). About 230H/s on stock 390X.

– improved speed by about 20-25% (depends on card specimen). About 180H/s on stock 390.

– immovable punt with mixed cards.

– improved speed by about 30-50% (depends on card prototype). About 145H/s on stock 390X.

– improved support for Catalyst 16.x and 4xx cards.

– diminished CPU usage.

– improved speed by about 20% (depends on card proefje). Up to 100H/s on stock 390X on “-i 2” mode.

– various bug fixes.

– EthMan: added “View miner console” instruction.

– improved speed by 20-30% (depends on card proefje). Up to 80H/s on stock 390X on “-i 2” mode.

– added “-i” option for adjusting mining power and CPU usage.

– improved speed for high energy mode (“-i 2”), about 60H/s on stock 390X, 50H/s on stock 280X.

– since nicehash cannot upgrade their ddos protection, now “-allpools 1” is required for this pool.

– improved speed by 5-15% (depends on card prototype).

– added Linux version.

– motionless kwestie with rejected shares after devfee mining.

– eliminate “-allpools 1” option if you use it and mine on miningpoolhub, suprnova, coinmine or nicehash pools.

– added “XnSub” support for Nicehash.

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