Effortless Mine Vertcoin Pool

Low Fees, No Registration, Automatic Payouts. Nothing But Mining.

Getting Commenced


Effortless Mine is attempting to become the easiest method of mining Vertcoin. Wij’re taking out the complications and inconsistances of other pools, permitting you to spend more time tinkering with the hardware and squeezing out every hash possible. That’s the joy bit!

Wij also provide your with the capability to earn Unitus at the same time via merged-mining. To get your Unitus paid to your Unitus wallet, you will need to set a payout address via your miner’s pagina.


  • Regular Stratum Connection: stratum+tcp://lyra2.easymine.online:5000
  • TLS Stratum Connection: stratum+tls://lyra2tls.easymine.online:5001
  • Cloud Mining (NiceHash) Stratum Connection: stratum+tcp://lyra2.easymine.online:5010
  • Username: Please use only your Vertcoin Wallet address. No difficulty modifier required. Wij support both Regular and SegWit addresses
  • Password: Anything you like, it does not matter
  • Mining Fees: 0.5% for VTC, 1% for UIS. You are welcome to donate a petite amount, this is done via your miner’s pagina.

Wij strongly recommend you only use an address generated ter the Vertcoin Core wallet. Do not use addresses from Electrum or Ledger, or you will likely practice issues moving the coins when you want to spend them.

Payout of earned coins is done according to the following guidelines:

  • Any account balance exceeding the payout threshold (by default 0.Five VTC, you can switch yours on your miner’s pagina) will be paid soon after reaching that amount.
  • Once vanaf day at approximately 00:00 UTC all balances above 0.05 VTC will be paid out
  • Once vanaf day at approximately 00:00 UTC all miners who have bot inactive for 7 days will be paid out if their balance exceeds 0.001 VTC. All other inactive balances are donated to the pool
  • Unitus – When your balance exceeds the payout threshold on your account, by default this is Ten UIS but can be enhanced via your miner’s pagina.

Donations help support running and improving the pool. You can configure an automatic amount via your miner’s pagina – or you can make a one-off donation to VsiEHL2p29rGF7ewYavdi2XvS77Zr7noDr


If you are experiencing issues, please very first ensure you have configured your miner with the juist username (your VTC address). Please search for your address ter the miners section below, and click on the listig to your miners pagina. Please note it will take approximately Five minutes from when you embark mining for your address to emerge te the search results.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for extra information.

If you still require help, please head to to VertcoinMining or message mij directly Please include the VTC address you are mining to te your request for help.

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