India Hosts Genesis Mining’s Very first BlockSpeak Conferences

Introduced ter 2009, Bitcoin has bot around for eight years now. The revolutionary cryptocurrency has bot leisurely gaining adoption across the world. However, the cryptocurrency community remains a niche sector due to a multitude of reasons. The vooraanstaand among them are the lack of awareness and understanding of how the digital currency works. The unenlightened loterijlot has even bot roped by a series of Ponzi schemes featuring shadowy Bitcoin investment plans.

The launch of Genesis Mining spil a legitimate cloud mining rock hard wasgoed majorly about enlightening people with Bitcoin and its innumerable benefits. The company, which has already proven its sustainable and profitable investment prototype around the world, believes te the idea of brainy investors, where anybody looking to explore the investment opportunities ter the cryptocurrency sector, very first acquire adequate skill about its financial and technological aspects, and thus ensure better outcomes.

Genesis Mining is active ter the Bitcoin community and is frequently seen at events across the world including ter Paris, Fresh Zealand, Los Angeles, Fresh York City, Hong Kong. And now, the company has entered India with an aim to tapkast on to the country’s growing interests ter the digital currency spil the next investment toevluchthaven.

Genesis Mining recently launched its very very first Bitcoin and blockchain conferences te the South Asian country. Known spil BlockSpeak, the recently concluded events did an excellent job of introducing Bitcoin, blockchain and Bitcoin mining to people across two major Indian cities.

The event held ter Mumbai and Bangalore on March 8 and Ten, 2018 respectively spotted the attendance of Bitcoin entrepreneurs, techies and aspirants alike. This year’s BlockSpeak Conference wasgoed the very very first edition of what is going to be a regular affair. Kicked off te India, it is set to become a series of global events held ter all major cities of the world and eventually trickling down to meet surplus of the places.

The BlockSpeak Conference 2018 te Bangalore and Mumbai, co-organized by Blackarrow Conferences, wasgoed held at JW Marriott. Dr. Marco Krohn, the Chief Financial Officer and Co-founder of Genesis Mining took everyone ter the conference slagroom through the journey of Bitcoin, explaining what the cryptocurrency truly is and how it works. He went on to explain the advantages of Bitcoin and few disadvantages spil well — the enlargened miner fees and scalability issues. He struck a sensitive balance inbetween tech vaktaal and real-world examples to drive the point huis.

Genesis Mining Co-Founder Marco Krohn speaking at BlockSpeak 2018, Mumbai

Next came the evolution of Bitcoin mining, kicking off with CPUs and graduating to GPUs, FPGA miners and ultimately ASICs. Krohn suggested an in-depth explanation of the mining process, its necessity and benefits. What’s the best example of an industrial scale mining operation? Yes, Genesis Mining itself. Krohn made sure that he talent the specifics of cryptocurrency mining service suggested by Genesis Mining, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and ZCash.

After Krohn’s intense, information-packed presentation, Sunil Aggarwal — the founder and CEO of MoneyFrames took the stage to explain the importance of Bitcoin and the advantages, applications of blockchain technology te today’s world. He also touched upon governmental adoption patterns globally, highlighting the cases of Russia and Japan where his lighter-veined presentation appealed to the audience, ensuring that they take away something which they can ponder overheen while driving back huis.

Sunil Aggarwal, the founder and CEO of MoneyFrames, provided an interesting philosophical take on Bitcoin

The Bangalore event eyed representations from two of the “Big Four” Indian Bitcoin platforms – the founders of Coinsecure, Benson and Jincy Samuel along with Sathvik Vishwanath and Abhinand Kaseti— the founders of Unocoin. Marco Krohn and Ashwin Richard – heading Genesis Mining’s Business Development activities ter India fielded questions from inquisitive attendees during the networking session. Among the attendees were software developers, cybersecurity specialists, educators, consultants te tech and financial sector, and students.

BlockSpeak turned out to be a 2-hour crash course ter cryptocurrency and mining, packed with explosions of information and networking opportunities to those who are fresh to Bitcoin. The Genesis Mining initiative had a superb commence ter the country, and the expectations are a bit high for the next edition. It is also a confidence booster for the company, encouraging it to organize a much thicker event next year.

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