Kids participating ter household chores and the connected calculation of allowances and prizes are a frequent cause of dispute inbetween parents and children.


Te cooperation with the Slovene Enterprise Fund, spil part of the SK75 grant scheme, wij help companies acquire a EUR 75,000 convertible loan.

Embark:up BootCamp

Companies who acquire an investment at the tender SK 50, attend the three-month program Commence:up Bootcamp, where they acquire all the basic skill of construction start-up companies according the “lean and agile” methods.

Space for Commence:up teams

Affordable and accessible facilities for youthfull start-up companies and entrepreneurial teams that do not yet need their own office but want to learn how to successfully launch their company and product to the market using the most state-of-the-art methods.

Freelancer desks

The option for all those who find renting their own office too expensive and who are looking for a creative, dynamic and encouraging environment to create and operate on a day-to-day voet to rent an enormously affordable desk.

Master of Freelancing

Participants of this intensive one-day course will learn about all the key areas any freelancer should master to ensure the successful management of his or hier business ter the long-term.


Master of Marketing program is te the pipeline. More details will be available soon.

Deadline: March 22 2018

Apply for Geek House accelerator

Tatjana Zabasu

Jugoslav Petkovic

Andraz Tori

Marko Keber

Jure Pucko

Primoz Kunaver

Jaka Levstek

Tadej Gregoric

Matej Kurent

Peter Velikonja

Miha Mikek

Matjaz Petric

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Rok Stritar

Matic Bitenc

Peter Ribaric

Matevz Medja

Davorin Gabrovec

Bostjan Spetic

Ales Blatnik

Matej Golob

Borut Rismal

Andrej Muzevic

Jaka Lindic

Tilen Travnik

Gregor Rebolj

Branko Drobnak

Tomaz Erjavec

Ales Spetic

Andraz Logar

Kristjan Pecanac

Darko Butina

Lidija Honzak

Lojze Bertoncelj


4D PRINT offers a comprehensive system for optimizing the manufacturing process to manufacturers of components from composite materials, especially te the shipping industry. The system includes 3D printing, support ter the manufacturing process and supply of input materials.


Arch Vitalis developed a fresh concept of building vital mobile houses, permitting modular building, appearance similar to brick buildings, while at the same time also suggesting healthy and comfy living conditions te all climates with excellent warmth insulation. Vital mobile houses aren’t only meant for vacationing by the seaside or te the mountains, but also for voortdurend residence that remains mobile.

OMISLI.SI LTD. is a web portal and a beginning point for buying various local services. It enables the service seeker (e.g. looking for translation, vormgeving or catering) to submit their inquiry via an online form ter less than a minute and receive, free-of-charge, at least five offers from various providers.


Pel3o is making high-quality and user-friendly 3D printers. Their Lov3d printer gives engineers, designers and researchers the chance for industrial quality of printing, namely rapid, precies and plain printing by using four different types of materials.


The app Boomerang uses an innovative way to solve the problem of ad spam and perception of advertising by the junior population. By introducing the spel Boomerang and the motivational prize system, users accept ads with a positive attitude and don’t reject them. Advertisers thus access consumers with digital advertising messages no matter the time or place, and only pay for the ad if the user received the ad’s key message.


Company Hangar Aviacija is developing aviaCART, a cart intended to effectively budge planes ter hangars and optimally use up space. The AviaCART is waterput under each wheel of the plane and, besides moving ter all directions, also lets it budge up and down.


FoodSurplus is a verhoging that permits food vendors to sell the surplus of food and food before its expiration date to thicker consumers such spil restaurants and hotels. By selling the surplus of food, FoodSurplus permits vendors to reach greater revenue and lower business costs, while algorithms enable “smart” and strategic customer identification, which makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of selling products that would otherwise become waste.

TERRA NULLIUS LTD. is a web verhoging that makes it lighter for fishermen to buy fishing permits, spil well spil accelerates sales and encourages international fishing tourism. It also at the same time offers caretakers terugkoppeling on how to establish a natural balance of fish populations, consequently optimise their costs and have control overheen the water and the guards’ work.


Company Fortronik developed the BuWizz brick, which gives LEGO® Technic motors more power and speed, precies steering, elementary controlling with help of a smartphone, and enables USB charging. It’s intended for adults who have LEGO spil a hobby and want better solutions.


TotalAssessment is a system for staff selection and professional orientation that uses multi-phase candidate testing with the latest psychometric contraptions and connections with statistic databases of skill of the labour market. It also enables a decrease of the tests’ costs and increases the objectivity, transparency, and effectiveness of the selection.


Kids participating ter household chores and the connected calculation of allowances and prizes are a frequent cause of dispute inbetween parents and children. Fresh generations are difficult to motivate with paper lists, which is why the solution is the mobile app Homey, gamifying the process and making it joy. Homey motivates kids to participate and permits parents to simply prize and give allowance depending on the child’s behaviour and finished chores.


FEELIF is a multimedia device for the vensterluik and visually impaired, permitting them to feel shapes on a standard touchscreen. The clever device is based on advanced software and a special grid that helps the user orient across the screen’s surface. A combination of stimulations and sounds, emitted by the wise device, adds to the FEELIF user practice. With help of the device, they can read, listen, and create content, feel different shapes, learn Braille or simply have joy playing houtvezelplaat games.


Sconnected Embark is a contraption that brings sports ventilatoren news about sports clubs and permits them to actively help their club reach more ventilatoren. The implement uses innovative and effective channels, not yet exploited ter sports, bringing information closer to ventilatoren. It chooses news from sources that ventilatoren set themselves, automatically orders them, avoids replication, and offers them ter a user-friendly way. At the same time, ventilatoren ultimately have a instrument with which they can actualize their allegiance, while playing the competitive spel “The League of Fans” permits them to actively influence the popularity of their favourite club.


It’s a little known fact that the educational achievements of the worst high schoolgebouw students with a tutor is comparable to the best students ter classes of 30 students and one teacher. OpenProf is an affordable system that combines a technical solution, content, and integration of teachers to substitute a tutor. OpenProf is the fattest database of materials for high schools with procedures that help teachers make their own collections that are tailored to students’ needs. It’s the ideal learning environment that significantly increases effectiveness and decreases the learning time.


They solve the problem for tennis players, their parents and coaches. They all face the problem of not knowing the key reasons behind a victory or a loss, they have too little reliable gegevens, they can’t always monitor their players te matches, they don’t have the technical analysis of individual shots or the comparison of playing patterns. The Armbeeb system upgrades the tennis match notation with the gegevens of the psychological and physiological state of the player and the movement characteristics of tennis shots. The biometric module, notation, and match analysis are a comprehensive contraption for the coach to monitor the athlete’s development.


SmartLOCK is the very first universal wise lock with a digital key te Europe that enables opening doors freehand. It is suitable for all most frequently used types of locks. The system detects the phone approaching the om you’re authorized to unlock (digital key) and unlocks it automatically when you get closer. Elementary installation on the already existing lock takes 15 minutes or less. They solve the problems of providing spare keys te various situations, for example cleaner, oppas, Airbnb. Ter thesis cases, you now have to either trust the person and give them a spare key or always be there when they need access to your huis. Te case of SmartLOCK, you can give them a digital key, even remotely. At the same time, they solve other problems of the physical key spil wij know it today.


SipSup is a brainy glass for connecting a brand with users. SipSup uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to connect with a smartphone, providing restaurant owners a unique promotional instrument that promotes the brand te the place itself. They give drink manufacturers an insight into the drinking habits of their users, which permits them to accelerate sales and lead marketing campaigns more effectively. Drankbuffet and restaurant owners, on the other mitt, can use the solution to inform customers about the events, collect their preferences and get a better look into who their client actually is. Meantime the practice of the guest when they visit the establishment isn’t based only on convenient seats and drinks, but also on extra services that the buffet or restaurant offers.


SIMARIN is developing advanced tech products ter the field of electronics. Their newest development achievement is the SIMARINE PICO device – an advanced nautical energy peettante, level peettante and barograph, solving problems with accumulators and tens unit shortages on vessels. It enables big savings to vessel owners and chartervliegtuig lessors, while suggesting vessel designers high value added for a reasonable price. With a few modifications, the device can also be used on the market of campervans and kampeerplaats trailers.


The Playness app makes the teachers’ jobs lighter while helping kids learn fresh physical activities ter a child-friendly way. When introducing fresh physical activities, teachers use a tablet where there is text accompanied by a movie of kids doing the exercises. That means that the teachers themselves don’t have to roll around on the floor and the kids have an example of their peers. This gives them more motivation to do the exercise than if the teacher were the one demonstrating it (the “I can do it too” principle).


Beep is a verhoging that enables an individual to schedule verified cleaners to their huis te a plain way. Beep solves the problem of real-estate owners and renters, Airbnb hosts spil well spil cleaners who are limited te selling their services thesis days, mostly due to the black market. Beep makes it possible to order huis cleaning quickly, securely and simply with only a few effortless clicks, without any time-consuming searches or extra verifications of the cleaners’ quality. The ensure for the service quality, verified and trained Beepers, time plasticity, online payments, responsibility insurance te collaboration with an insurance company and an excellent user practice are the main attributes of our service.


MEDIOCOAPPS is developing the FlySentinel solution, which is a prestigiously designed wristwatch controlling the psychophysical condition of the pilot and the environment they’re te during the flight. FlySentinel controls and detects problems with the pilot’s health, and dangers te the cabin that can have an effect on the pilot. Te a clear way, FlySentinel warns the pilot about the problem and offers a solution. At the end of the year, the pilot can also save all gegevens into a cloud for straks analysis done by the pilot or a doctor.


2GG® – 2nd Generation Grid is a comprehensive system for collecting, transferring and processing gegevens of energy and water use. The system wasgoed developed with the purpose of suggesting network handlers a system that can be installed on already existing counters, without any need to switch the entire infrastructure and make big investments.


Non-use or incorrect use of turn signals is amongst the most frequent causes of traffic accidents for motorcyclists, who are one of the most vulnerable traffic participants. Unlike cars, motorcycles don’t have an in-built system for automatically turning off turn signals. Consequently, spil much spil 40 % of drivers find themselves ter dangerous situations, a loterijlot of them ending tragically. The solution suggested by company ABCS SISTEM is called the Clever TURN SYSTEM – the most precies and reliable system for automatically turning off turn signals of a motorcycle after completing a manoeuvre.

ZP aplikacije Ltd.

Company ZP aplikacije created the solution ZeroPass, which solves the problems of storing, protecting and recovering laptop passwords and keys for everyone who uses passwords but doesn’t want to permanently re-insert them, leave behind them or give control to a third person. ZeroPass securely stores passwords, converting them into a mathematical proces. The passwords are divided into several parts, and storage is distributed inbetween the user and the company server. By using this hybrid method, they’re the very first ones on the market to eliminate the possibility of a guessing attack, despite the fact that ZeroPass servers don’t actually everzwijn see the user’s passwords. They’re also the very first to opoffering password and key recovery and inheritance, which is why their solution is arousing for users te the bitcoin and crypto world.

Vvindria Ltd.

Company Vvindria is developing a web and mobile app for sailors, containing an interactive wind opbergmap that solves the serious problem of predicting the weather and programma the route based on weather conditions. The Windria solution displays the latest gegevens about the speed and direction of winds, tide, sea currents and contours, and wave directions, and at the same time ensures a very precies general weather forecast due to its technological sophistication. Seamen and professional and recreational sailors spil well spil water sports enthusiasts encounter a loterijlot of problems when programma their route based on static pictures and low-resolution weather charts shown by local weather services. All this causes uncertainty and compels them to probe the weather on their own.

Vsenet marketing Ltd.

Company Vsenet marketing is developing the SEOVISOR solution. It’s a Saas (Software spil a Service) and big gegevens podium for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), permitting companies to efficiently monitor SEO activities of their competitors and improve the voorstelling of their own company on search engines. The SEOVISOR toneelpodium mostly solves problems of petite and medium-sized companies that don’t have suitably defined business processes or the necessary skill for achieving organic very first results te search engines. However, potential customers are also companies that wish to at the same time function on the markets of numerous countries and have a problem monitoring and controlling the competition.


Company Viar is developing a digital solution for architects, permitting the user (for example a future real estate buyer) to realistically and vividly walk around the building ter virtual reality while the object is still te the programma or vormgeving stage. The company recently pivoted to the market of leasing and renting real estate, and adapted their solution to the needs of real estate agencies that can give their clients a quality virtual view of the chosen real estate. The Viar solution is designed spil a web cloud podium that converts the architect’s project into a virtual app for smartphones. The phone is inserted into purpose-made virtual reality glasses. Phone sensors detect movements (accelerometer and gyroscope), the phone screen displays two pictures (one for each eye), and the phone lenses zoom the screen picture and the visual angle.

Vanderlust Ltd.

TravelStarter is a global web podium for crowdfunding, intended exclusively for projects te the field of tourism and travel. It brings attention to local tourism projects and promotes them amongst travellers from all overheen the world looking for innovative and fresh practices. After choosing their tourist destination on the TravelStarter toneel, the user gets insight into family tourist stories that have big potential, but lack the resources for financing ideas. Guests and travellers supporting individual projects become part of a genuine local story and get a meaningful practice, and at the same time receive a prize worth from five to two hundred euros. This can be an overnight stay te a hostel they helped open, a traditional home-cooked dinner te a bedding&,breakfast their support helped renovate, or living and wandering around under the wings of a provider who will be able to enrich their programme by using their contributions.

U2G Ltd.

Company U2G is developing Sportwip, a web and mobile verhoging for corporate wellness. It’s connected to wearable devices, permitting companies to improve the internal atmosphere and culture, productivity, health conditions and activity, spil well spil promote a sense of belonging to the company through sports activities and events. At the same time, it also decreases the costs of health insurance. Companies that place their trust into the Sportwip toneel are mostly companies with 100 to 1500 employees of averagely 35 years of age. They usually work te the branch of food additives or products and services for health and fitness, and they emphasise a healthy lifestyle spil one of their values. The US accelerator Seed Sumo has also invested ter Sportwip.

Trenerji4me Ltd. is a unique web toneel that offers a swift, plain and modern way of finding sports trainers from various disciplines all across the world. Sports enthusiasts looking for their ideal trainer when huis, on vacation or a excursion, be it for fitness, tennis, gold, skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or any other sport, can get an instant solution with all the necessary functions, such spil searching, contacting, paying, ranking and connecting with social networks. Meantime, trainers benefit from the toneelpodium because they get fresh clients, extra income and a possibility of reaching global recognisability.

Lux media Ltd.

Company Lux media is developing an interactive digital mirror for displaying user-adjusted content. Using a sensor, the mirror detects the presence of the user and suitably adjusts the displayed content, which can be monitored and administered remotely. The interactive digital mirror aims to help advertisers solve the problem of “immunity” to ads that users see on numerous internal and outer, classic and digital displays. It makes the user interact more with the medium, and shows key information when the user actually approaches the screen. At the same time, the advertisers can reliably quantify an ad campaign’s reach, same spil te web advertising, spil well spil get the option of buying ad space based on the number of views, not only ter time-limited intervals.


Company Intech is developing an innovative system for non-cash payments (for example with non-refundable cards or bracelets), solving the problem of doing business with contant on mass events (concerts, festivals). Inwards a closed pay cycle – for example at an event or te a hotel elaborate – the system gives the users a safe, rapid and elementary way of charging, paying and returning the transferred money. The down payment is done via a webstek, mobile app, self-service or POS terminal. Payments are done with a mobile app, where the credit is saved on a virtual user profile, and the leftover money is returned directly to the user’s handelsbank account.

Consensio Ltd.

Company Consensio solves problems te letting and leasing real estate. Tenants often face misleading or false gegevens provided by landlords or real estate advertisers, and landlords have problems with tenants not paying their rent or living expenses. Consensio’s comprehensive solution, created mostly for landlords, ensures safety and saves time and money for both sides. By working with insurance companies, they ensure landlords receive payment te case rent or expenses aren’t paid, and the tenants have a personalized and verified database of offers. Consensio gives elementary and rapid overview of real estate, checking and evaluating it beforehand, and providing realistic, but at the same time attractive professional photographs and other information.

10plus LTD.

Company 10plus provides a comprehensive service for micro and petite entrepreneurs, such spil caterers or owners of local shops and hair salons, on less “web” developed markets, solving their problem of not having enough time for creating attractive and prompt websites and placing them on various introduction and evaluation portals, where users search for and rank this type of providers. Most entrepreneurs are aware that they have to have web presence, but they usually have neither the time strafgevangenis the skill for that. Company 10plus sees the fattest potential for marketing their solution te the Balkans, ter South American countries (Colombia, Venezuela, Peru), ter Turkey, Armenia, Russia and Georgia.

SolAir Ltd.

Company SolAir has developed a solar air collector – a solution for airing and heating a slagroom te sunny and winter weather, without costs of maintenance and operation, without CO2 emission and with the possibility of recycling. Solar air collectors are solutions for facilities that have good isolation, but bad air and mould. They are ideal for airing and heating uninhabited buildings, mountain cabins and holiday cottages, since they temper the building, air it out and keep it ter good condition, without using up energy.

SmartPA Ltd. is a big gegevens browser of business contacts ter more than 100 countries across the world. Instead of spending a long time searching for business contacts via web browsers, companies can now use to automatically and quickly find business contacts of key staff, which aren’t published ter public databases, and see them arranged by industry and country.

Setran Plus Ltd.

Company Setran Plus has developed an interior passive air conditioner AIRTOWER, which cools down a slagroom of up to Ten m2 te size and needs 2W for its use, while lowering the user’s electrical play consumption for cooling for more than 90 %. Compared to a classic air conditioner, Airtower needs 1000 times less electro-stimulation to function, is entirely soundless and simply transferable and mobile. At the same time, it doesn’t need an exterior unit and assembly spil well spil doesn’t make the air dry.

Safe Voorkant Ltd.

SAFE Voorkant has developed and patented a unique voorkant for safe and hygienic drinking from cans. By placing the voorkant on the can, the customer can drink more securely and hygienically, spil there is no ongezouten voeling with the can and its acute edges. The product also prevents wasps, bees and other insects from coming in the can. It is available ter five different colours and its placement doesn’t interfere with the appearance of the drink’s brand.


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