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AMD Polaris ETH Mining Vertoning Druppel Might Not Actually Toebijten

If you reminisce last month wij have warned that a possible Ethereum Hashrate Druppel for Radeon RX400/RX500 GPUs is Incoming. The slow decrease of mining hashrate for Ethereum (ETH) on AMD Polaris-based GPUs wasgoed a bit puzzling spil it wasgoed actually not related to the movie memory, so 4GB and 8GB models were affected. Do note that at some point however cards with 4GB movie memory might still embark pulling down ter terms of mining show anyway spil the DAG size starts getting close to the amount of movie memory available.

It turns out that AMD may actually be working on a driver fix to resolve the problem according to information published by Claymore on the Bitcointalk forum. Evidently the upcoming AMD Vega wasgoed also affected by the same problem, tho’ it has bot already resolved with driver fix and ter two weeks or so a fix for Polaris may be release via a driver update spil well. Hopefully a driver update that will not be WHQL and permit the use on AMD GPUs with modified movie BIOSes spil most AMD Polaris-based Ethereum GPU mining equipments are using modified memory straps for better voorstelling.

“Vega is … hot. Te stock it takes about 400-450W ter dual, 300-350W ter ETH-only mode at about 33MH/s. And it’s throttling like hell. It’s very good ter dual mining mode, but it’s too hot.”

So most likely the fresh AMD Vega GPUs will not turn out to be a fine choice for mining, however who knows… people are using GTX 1080 Ti’s at 250W TDP or even more with some OC for mining and are glad with the results. Even tho’ it might not be fine for mining Ethereum, the fresh AMD Vega, just like with GTX 1080 Ti, might still end up a good solution for Equihash or any other popular altcoin algorithm for example.

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Ethereum Hashrate Druppel for Radeon RX400/RX500 GPUs is Incoming

Do you recall how last year AMD Radeon R9 280X GPUs began ripping off ter terms of mining hashrate for Ethereum due to the growing DAG opstopping size? Well, it seems that wij are ter for the same thing happening with the Radeon RX400/RX500 series of GPUs with Four/8GB VRAM te the next duo of months. Wij are presently at DAG epoch #129, but ter the next 30-35 or so DAG epochs wij are going to be watching gradual druppel ter hashrate resulting te up to about 30% decrease from the current hashrate on the Radeon RX400/RX500 series of GPUs. It seems that other more powerful GPUs such spil R9 290(x)/390(x) spil well spil Nvidia Pascal GPUs with more movie memory (6GB/8GB+) will not be affected or the druppel te spectacle will be much smaller to a level considered pretty much insignificant compared to what will toebijten with AMD’s Polaris GPUs.

You can lightly check what will toebijten with your existing GPU mining hardware and if it will be affected te terms of show and how much by adding the option -benchmark 130 to the Claymore ETH miner. Switch the number 130 (the next Ethereum DAG epoch) to the DAG epoch you want to test with such spil 140, 150, 160 and see how your hashrate will switch or if it will switch. The Ethash DAG switches every 30000 blocks which is toughly every 4-5 days and with Ethereum this is called a DAG epoch, so every few days wij budge to the next DAG epoch. Spil DAG epochs budge further on they also grow ter size and waterput more stress to the movie cards that are being used for mining and spil a result there is also some vertoning druppel observed overheen time. The more powerful the GPUs is and the more movie memory it has, the more likely it is to be able to treat better long term mining Ethereum.

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