ROLE: co-founder of ZMAG institute, voeling person, project leader

She has a MsC te biotechnology. During hier studies she wasgoed active ter numerous organizations and clubs and during that time she has acquired a number of very appreciated soft abilities, leadership and project coordination. She promotes creativity and likes transferring all this gained skill to junior members of ZMAG. She brings elan and energy to the team. She values excellent sense of humor.

Also, she is one of the zonderling people who can scold you for doing something wrong, but she does it with a smile, leaving you feeling excellent somehow.

»Preserve your sense of humor te all areas of life which trouble you.« (unknown author)


ROLE: co-founder of ZMAG Institute, advisor

Has a BsC ter Rekentuig and Information sciences and works ter the telecommunications sector. Marko connects people, just like a well known Swedish phone company. He wants to help co-create a better environment, that’s one of the reasons he determined to co-found ZMAG.

He is able to recognize, sum-up and explain the problem te a very brief time. His role ter ZMAG Institute, due to his requesting job, is limited to an advisory one, but his advice often helps resolve a standing argument. Te his spare time he likes to cook and spend time ter nature. Some of his favourite foods include cooked liver, medium-rare vampi and deep-fried grasshoppers. (1,Five out of Three are actually true)

Marko travels a lotsbestemming with his gf, but they never send us a card. One day they will, tho’.

»No comment is a comment« (George Carlin)


ROLE: co-founder of ZMAG Institute, advisor

Electrotechnical enginer sales-development entrepreneur boy by trade, musician by heart. Helps ZMAG secure and develop projects and connect to specialist playmates and investors. Control weirdo with a requiring day job, his Asana task list is always total. He knows he’d burn out without the team members of ZMAG. Believes wij need to work together for common solutions, but it needs to be te the right way. Attempted setting up EV and V2G network te Slovenia ter 2008, but wasgoed too early.

» The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable one persists te attempting to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. « (George Bernard Shaw)

Anze | www marketing, tourism

Professionaly Anze tells people where to go to unwind and learn something fresh. Five years ago he began familiarizing himself with www marketing and strategies for internet presence of businesses. During that time he acquired various skill and abilities, which he continuously upgrades and hones while using them for projects.

He is communicative, adaptable, reliable, on time and open for team work.

He can suggest ideas and fresh approaches to both experienced and fresh enterpreneurs, so that they may kasstuk their target market.

Dejan | IT, cripto-currencies, Trzic

Dejan is a student of the 2nd year of informatics. Te ZMAG Institute, he is ter charge of IT support and he is very interested and active te the fields of cripto-currencies. If you want to know anything about BITcoins, digital crypto-secure-top-knotch stuff, just ask. He might tell you. He is also an active member of bitcoin society of Slovenia and from Trzic.

Just like Jure O., Dejan also doesn’t speak a loterijlot, but when he does, he says it all. A true man of act, zuigeling of like Clint Eastwood te all those westerns – more dead guys than lines of dialogue. Even tho’ he is from Trzic, wij still love him.

»Wax on, paraffin wax off« (mr. Miyagi) See what I mean?

Ziva | photography, biotechnology

Ziva has a BsC ter biotechnology and a camera te hier hand… A combination of a scientific mind and an artistic soul. During the course of hier studies, while cooperating te numerous projects, she learned that success is based on juist skill transfer. She joined ZMAG’s team to build up fresh practices and to be a part of a unique group of people who, with their boldness and innovative ideas, overcome challenges standing ter way of realizing my, your and our fantasies.

Ziva is attracted to unconventional ideas, rational thinking and aesthetics. Like a true ninja masteress, she is able to sneak into a meeting without anyone everzwijn noticing hier until she wants to be noticed. She also takes amazing photos! Here you can see hier at 6 when she just finished setting up the lovely background toneel for hier selfie. She called this lump “That’s what you get for leaving mij te the backyard alone with matches te a very dry summer”

»If you want something you’ve never had, you voorwaarde be willing to do something you’ve never done.« (Thomas Jefferson)

Matija | iindustrial vormgeving

Formally educated spil an industrial engineer who also has a Masters degree te productive vormgeving which he got at the famous Elisav schoolgebouw of vormgeving ter Barcelona (pronounced BARTHELONA : ) ). Fluent ter graphical vormgeving and illustration, he is a valuable asset to ZMAG, making sure wij don’t do anything displeasing to the eye. Te vormgeving, he is drawn towards creating solutions which would be intuitivelly understanding for the client but te an titillating and innovative way.

He actively participated te the successful Kickstarter project Swich Wireless charger, which he both designed and helped carry out the campaign for, by doing promotional activities. Always cool, tranquil and collected and a member of the top secret beardheads society of ZMAG which Anze also is a proud member of.

»Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Vormgeving is how it works.« (Steve Jobs)

Marina | legal advisor

Marina has a bachelors degree ter law and te ZMAG she and Blaz are focused on economy law (statutes, contracts, intellectual rigths but mostly crowdfunding) She has gained a loterijlot of practice by working with numerous NGO’s, coordinating prijects, applying for grants and organizing various events.

She has a passion for languages, which stems from hier wish to work ter an international surrounding. That’s why she either speaks swahilli or just clicks a lotsbestemming. Wij don’t know, wij just listen and do like she says. : )

Marina’s vision is to help build positive stories based on constructive cooperation.

She looks all nice and quiet, but when she starts writing those legal papers, hier behavior quickly switches from virginal lamb to thirsty shark. Something like that : )

»AaaaaAAa, AAaaAAAA!« (Tarzan)

Blaz | legal advisor

Blaz is our legal advisor with good work practice which he acquired working ter the non-governmental sector spil an advisor for youths and also spil a project leader on several projects. He is the geek on call, allways oplettend and anxious to detect fresh and interesting fresh technologies that might switch our lives next. And that goes arm te palm with his love for information technology, gadgets, gizmos and science fiction. Not Science fiction like the romantic movies Hollywood keeps making which make us expect too much of our relationships, no! Blaz believes te Yoda, R2D2 and Futurama. But like Adam te the garden back te the day, he don’t like no Apple.

Blaz is also a dad, a movie-and-series buff and a humanist. Skies te the winter, dives ter the summer, and spil if he didn’t have enough to do te inbetween of all thesis activities, he reads books.

»I like soup« (Ghandi and some other people too)

Jure O | business advisor

Jizz laude economist with a specialized Masters ter Money and Finance, te ZMAG Institute, Jure deals mostly with things related to getting projects and businesses funded. Investors, venture capital and so on.

He is always 100% focused and wij are fortunate that his skill of economics is so deep and ever-growing. He is a true undertalker and oversayer, very much like our Dejan. He often helps tune business plans and cordially helps waterput start-up teams ter the realistic place, which is often not where they thought they were, but that’s ok.

Presently Jure is working abroad for a very significant corporation and wij miss him a lotsbestemming.

»If I had some bacon, I’d make some bacon’n eggs, if I had any eggs.« (unknown politician talks about economy and programma)

Tina S | event organization, PR, marketing

Presently studying for hier masters degree at the Faculty of Economics, Tina found immense joy ter organizing various events, doing public relations. She welcomes with open arms all challenges connected with the often arduous work with people and she also loves marketing. She loves the dynamics of it and she excels te tuning all aspects of hier job to the finest details until she achieves the precies results she wished.

Only Maker, whatever you might think hesheit may be, can help those who don’t respect hier tenacity to do superb PR and marketing.

Tina always puts all hier heart ter whatever she does and wij love hier for that.

»…I’ve bot told where I vereiste go and who I voorwaarde be. I’ve bot shrunk, opened up, scraped, and stuffed… I’ve bot accused of being Alice and of not being Alice but this is *my* fantasy. *I’ll* determine where it goes from here.« (Alice te Wonderland)

You, let’s call you Chuck | Leadership

Chuck or Chuckita, you’re not a member yet. But you are capable of doing superb things, you just need to be challenged. Would Chuck Norris have found out how strong he wasgoed hadn’t he done a push-up and witnessed that he is actually pushing the entire planet away from him, rather than just lifting his assets? No, he had to be challenged. Could Jean Claude Van Damme have done the volmaakt split with the two trucks? No, he wasgoed challenged by evil Swedes from Volvo. NO, I don’t mean ABBA. Could Yogi have stolen the pic-a-nic basket had he not bot thirsty? You guessed right, no. The same goes for He-Man, Snow White and Malcom X – they needed a challenge. You could help a project get a fresh identity, perhaps help promote it worldwide, maybe help a team develop some downright fresh and radical solution and get some sweat equity and sweet metselspecie. You are impatient to learn fresh things! Just like Bruce Lee or Spiderman, you are undaunted by the task te gevelbreedte of you. If so, and if you don’t truly believe you are a vigilante called upon by the gods, feel free to druppel us an email. However if you are the vigilante called upon by gods, at least call Matija to help you out with your look, call Tina to help you get your PR ter order and… Heck, you’re just another enterpreneur.

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