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The Bitcoin Metselspecie (BCH) network is almost a month old and seemingly growing stronger spil the days proceed. Spil of August 22, the BCH chain is longer than BTC’s blockchain by 959 blocks, while also capturing the most hashrate that day for a brief period of time.

Miners Proceed to Bounce Back and Forward Inbetween Chains Pursuing Profitability

The BCH chain proceeds its voyage spil it’s processed 4385 blocks mined since the hard fork on August 1. Presently, there are six known mining pools processing BCH blocks including, Viabtc,, F2Pool, Antpool, and There are also three “unknown” miners who capture harshly Nineteen procent of the BCH network hashrate.

Earlier this week, it became more profitable to mine BTC spil the BCH mining difficulty adjusted higher. However, on August 24, the BCH blockchain experienced numerous drops te difficulty and now operates at 10% of the legacy chain’s difficulty.

Hashrate inbetween both chains has had an interesting relationship spil BTC and BCH miners have bot bouncing back and forward inbetween difficulty adjustments. On August 22, the BCH protocol surpassed the entire BTC hashrate for a brief period, and now the legacy chain’s hashpower is only one exahash higher.

Downward Difficulty Drops and Fresh Infrastructure Announcements

At the time of writing, BTC has a hashrate capturing toughly Four.Three exahash vanaf 2nd, while the BCH hashrate is Three.Two exahash. The reason miners have bot hopping around pursuing profitability, is because of BCH’s median time difficulty drops significantly compared to bitcoin’s difficulty recalculating every 2016 blocks. However, bitcoin’s price has spiked fairly a bit, and mining on the BCH chain is only Five procent more profitable to mine.

BCH volgers have also seen some more infrastructure support for the network, spil last week the Blockchain startup announced wallets would have an extraction instrument shortly. Further, the social media startup the Yours network exposed they were switching from litecoin to BCH. Additionally, other projects are te the works like a bitcoin cash-based paper wallet generator , and the fresh Leegloop wallet (Eden) announced it would support BCH.

Nchain and Craig Wright Deny Being Involved With Bitcoin Contant

Ter addition to the BCH chain’s achievements overheen the past few weeks Nchain’s chief scientist, Craig Wright, recently applauded the efforts set forward by bitcoin metselspecie developers. Moreover Wright and his company Nchain announced they were not behind the BCH project spil many assumed the stiff might’ve bot the “unknown” mining hashrate.

“The incorrect comments include anything suggesting that I am behind the bitcoin specie initiative, I am not,” explains Wright.

However, I applaud the efforts of whoever is behind bitcoin contant to achieve a truly decentralized, peer-to-peer electronic metselspecie with higher, more efficient transaction capacity.

Nchain’s CEO Stefan Matthews also confirmed Wright’s statements by telling the media the company has not backed the bitcoin contant project.

“We agree with its principles to bring sound money to the world with low fees and reliable confirmations, and its desire to spur unrestricted growth, global adoption, and decentralized development. Wij wish success to bitcoin specie and whoever is responsible for the initiative,” Matthews adds.

What do you think about the bitcoin contant progress so far? Let us know what you think te the comments below.

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