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So you got your palms on a Block Erupter Cube but can’t fairly figure it out? This is the tutorial for you. The ASIC MINER Block Erupter Cube machines run 30-38Giga Hashes/ sec. It has very first generation ASIC chips, a built te cooling system, and they are pretty awesome.

Here are the steps you need to take to get the cube powered up, configured, and hashing.

Very first things very first. This is the hardware you are going to need to buy:

Setup and Power on

Unbox the Corsair 500x power supply and the ASIC Miner Block Erupter Cube.

1. Ass-plug te the fuse into the back of the ASIC Miner Block Erupter. The fuse will come ter the opbergruimte. It is a metal with a green casing.

Two. Buttplug te your two 6 PCI-E connectors from the Corsair 500x power supply into the back of the ASIC Miner Block Erupter Cube.

Trio. The miner will come with a plastic electrical connector. It should come with a green paper clip. You need this to basically jumpstart the miner

Four. Cork te an Ethernet cord from the Block Erupter to your router. Also you will need to butt-plug te the mini USB from your pc to the Cube.

Five. You can now turn the power switch on the Corsair Power Supply. Some blinking lights should go and the ventilatoren on both machines should embark. (If nothing happens make sure that you have the plastic electrical connector on, this took mij a little bit to figure out).

Now, your Block Erupter Cube should be powered on.

  1. Here comes all the tricky configuration steps. It most likely will take you awhile to trouble shoot everything but it will be all be worth it when you mining bitcoins at 30-38 Gh/s.
  2. Setup your router so that the DHCP addresses range is from This process varies a number of different routers. You want to look for DHCP range and set it to the one listed above.

The Block Erupter Cube default IP address for configuration is

Three. type this URL into your browser.

If everything is setup decently you will be at the cube configuration pagina. If you cannot get to this pagina you may have to troubleshoot a few things. It took mij awhile to figure this out. There are a lotsbestemming of different variables that are ter place.

  • Make the IP address of your router
  • Make sure the DHCP rangeof your router is
  • Update to the latest version of your browser
  • Make sure you are connected to the WiFi
  • Make sure your mini USB is connected from your rekentuig to the cube

Once you get to you will see a blue configuration pagina.

You will notice a bunch of 000’s at the top of the screen spil well spil a number of buttons to adjust you’re the settings of your ASIC Miner Block Erupter.

  1. The ASIC Block Erupter Cubes run on the GETWORK protocol so you will need to set up a local proxy and a cloud based proxy.

The local proxy can be setup using Slush’s Pool Stratum Proxy.

  1. Google Stratum Proxy. Click on the very first verbinding and it will onmiddellijk you to Slush’s Mining Proxy. The download is available for Windows.
  2. For the Port you will type te 8332 and your IP address can be found by using run –>, cmd –>, ipconfig/all

Underneath that you will need to waterput your worker user name and password for the local pool. Create a fresh worker te Slush’s pool and come in the information twice ter the last opbergruimte. Like this

You have to inject the information twice because it is for the local proxy and the cloud base proxy.

Three. For the cloud base proxy you can use westcoastbtc.cloudapp.netwerk and port 8902.

Your IP information should like like YOURIPADDRESSSHERE,westcoastbtc.cloudapp.televisiekanaal

After your finish imputing all this information. Click the Update button.

Your configuration pagina should look like:


Web Port: 8000 (keep the same)

Primary DNS: (keep the same)

Secondary DNS: (keep the same)

Server addresses: YOURIPADDRESSSHERE,westcoastbtc.cloudapp.nipt

After your finish imputing all this information. Click the Update button.

Go back to your configuration pagina with the URL

You should commence observing your mining hashing. You can see the primary/secondary pool and also overclock the miner to 38GH/s.

Best of luck setting this machine up. If you have any questions about setup or configuration feel free to voeling mij.

UPDATE Trio/Ten/14 : for the fresh proxy version 1.Five.Five , you may need to factory reset the pie and re-enter configuration details. It talent mij a little trouble but got the cubes up and running again.

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