What is the difference inbetween big gegevens and gegevens mining?

What is the difference inbetween big gegevens and gegevens mining?

Big gegevens and gegevens mining are two different things. Both of them relate to the use of large gegevens sets to treat the collection or reporting of gegevens that serves businesses or other recipients. However, the two terms are used for two different elements of this zuigeling of operation.

Big gegevens is a term for a large gegevens set. Big gegevens sets are those that outgrow the ordinary zuigeling of database and gegevens treating architectures that were used ter earlier times, when big gegevens wasgoed more expensive and less feasible. For example, sets of gegevens that are too large to be lightly treated ter a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet could be referred to spil big gegevens sets.

Gegevens mining refers to the activity of going through big gegevens sets to look for relevant or pertinent information. This type of activity is indeed a good example of the old axiom “looking for a needle te a haystack.” The idea is that businesses collect massive sets of gegevens that may be homogeneous or automatically collected. Decision-makers need access to smaller, more specific chunks of gegevens from those large sets. They use gegevens mining to uncover the lumps of information that will inform leadership and help chart the course for a business.

Gegevens mining can involve the use of different kinds of software packages such spil analytics contraptions. It can be automated, or it can be largely labor-intensive, where individual workers send specific queries for information to an archive or database. Generally, gegevens mining refers to operations that involve relatively sophisticated search operations that terugwedstrijd targeted and specific results. For example, a gegevens mining contraption may look through dozens of years of accounting information to find a specific katern of expenses or accounts receivable for a specific operating year.

Te brief, big gegevens is the asset and gegevens mining is the “handler” of that is used to provide beneficial results.

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