ZeusHash Bitcoin And Litecoin Cloud Mining Toneelpodium Announces Gridseed

Bitcoin Press Release: Hong Kong based Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining provider ZeusHashhas announced an titillating fresh partnership with Gridseed and is suggesting diminished cloud mining prices and giveaways to feast Thanksgiving.

After intensive top-level talks ZeusHash is excited to announce a fresh partnership with reliable Litecoin hashrate supplier Gridseed: one of the largest and most successful Scrypt miner producers ter the world. This long-term strategic partnership will undoubtedly build the strongest alliance for Litecoin cloud hashing with the lowest prices – supported by the unbeatable success te developing Scrypt miners of both Gridseed and ZeusMiner. The partnership aims to provide customers with the best and most affordable Litecoin cloud hashing services ter the world:

“We will carry out in-depth and extensive cooperation te Scrypt hashrate delivery and also technology” Says Open Lee, CEO of Gridseed.

With the Scrypt-based hashrate provided by ZeusMiner and Gridseed, two giant Scrypt miner producers, ZeusHash is able to lower their overall costs step by step by introducing fresh and cheaper hashrates. Effective instantly maintenance fees will be cut to just $0.058 vanaf Mh/s.

From Nov. 17th to Nov. 27th which is Thanksgiving Day, ZeusHash are introducing a very attractive promotional price set. 1 to 9.9 Litecoin cloud mining Mh/s can be purchsed for $15.99 vanaf Mh/s, 10-49.9 Mh/s can be bought for $13.99 vanaf Mh/s, 50-399.9 Mh’s can be bought for $12.99, 400-999.9 Mh/s can be purchased for $11.99 while greater than 1 Gh/s can be bought for just $Ten.99 vanaf Mh/s.

Since it’s Thanksgiving, ZeusHash wants to give back to their previous customers. For those who bought any type or amount of Hashrate with ZeusHash before Nov. 17th, 2014 (GMT), during the promotion, they will win free HashBuffs. When previous clients make a fresh order, a random HashBuff will be allocated to their account and take affect instantly. It applies to customer’s very first Trio orders of Mh/s every day during the promotion.

With their fresh partnership with Gridseed, ZeusHash are able to establish the strongest alliance everzwijn ter the cloud mining industry. More sustainable and cost-efficient cloud hashing power will be introduced to all ZeusHash users.

About ZeusMiner and ZeusHash:

Hong Kong based ZeusMiner is one of the largest distributors and retail sellers of Litecoin and Bitcoin ASIC mining hardware worldwide. With datacentres strakheid the globe clients worldwide can also cloud mine Bitcoin and Litecoin with ZeusMiner’s in-house cloud mining toneelpodium ZeusHash.

Having recently announced partnerships with ASICMiner, Rockminer, XBTec last week and now Gridseed – ZeusMiner has also embarked to work with Bitmain and sell their innovative liquid cooled Antminer C1.

ZeusHash offers reliable, scalable and affordable Bitcoin and Litecoin industry grade cloud mining infrastructure. Moving forward ZeusHash aims for more industry partnerships, continued scaling of mining infrastructure, and many more promotions – to proceed to provide industry leading Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining.

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