How to Add a Bitcoin Donate Button to Your WordPress Webpagina

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm everzwijn since its inception on January Five, 2009. However, 2018 has truly bot what some have called “the year of Bitcoin”. You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard of it by now. The value of Bitcoin has bot growing insanely rapid and doesn’t emerge to be slowing down anytime soon.

If you’re captivated by the idea of a cryptocurrency, and would like to learn how to add a Bitcoin donate button into your WordPress webpagina, then you’re te the right place. But very first, te case you aren’t familiar with it, or need a refresher, a few words about Bitcoin and what it is.

What Is Bitcoin?

Ter brief, Bitcoin is a downright virtual currency, which means that you can’t pay Bitcoin te bills, notes, or even a real coin. All payments occur te cyberspace. Secondly, there’s a ample amount of it, with the dollar omschrijving of overheen $1.Five billion te Bitcoin circulating today — numerous transactions take place every minute.

You can pay for anything and everything with Bitcoin spil long spil the merchant ter question accepts it. That includes marketing services, webstek memberships, condos, car rentals, or even a Lamborghini.

Just within the last year the price of Bitcoin on exchanges has literally skyrocketed. Back ter December 2016 it wasgoed valued at a little overheen $750. Spil of December 12, 2018, it’s presently at $17,575 (up 2157.02%). Spil you could most likely guess, this cryptocurrenty isn’t exactly the epitome of stability. But many early investors who held on to their Bitcoin have become millionaires practically overnight.

Bitcoin growth (Screen from Coinbase)

Should You Invest ter Bitcoin?

Wij undoubtedly can’t response that question, spil Bitcoin is very volatile, and truly is a fresh kleuter of currency. There is no telling what it might do. Here’s what Mark Cuban had to say about it ter an vraaggesprek with Vanity Fair.

If you’re a true adventurer and you truly want to throw the Hail Mary, you might take Ten procent [of your savings] and waterput it ter bitcoin or ethereum. But if you do that, you’ve got to pretend you’ve already lost your money. It’s like collecting kunst, it’s like collecting baseball cards, it’s like collecting footwear. Something’s worth what somebody else will pay for it. It’s a flyer, but I’d limit it to Ten procent.

How to Lightly Create a Bitcoin Donation Button

Te this tutorial wij are going to vertoning you a few different ways you can use Bitcoin to receive donations on your WordPress blog (or any webstek, for that matter). The very first permits you to get a dollar amount te exchange for what the price of Bitcoin presently is. The 2nd, third, and fourth options permit you to accept Bitcoin directly to your digital wallet.

Option 1 – Create Bitcoin Donate Button With Stripe and Plugin

Wij are big ventilatoren of the Stripe payment processor. Ter fact, wij’ve used them for all of our clients while bootstrapping Kinsta to 7-figures. So our very first way to create a Bitcoin donate button will be a combination of a WordPress plugin and Stripe.

Stripe offers hassle-free exchange rates. So you can specify your donation amount te USD and they’ll send you dollars (after converting it from Bitcoin). Stripe charges just 0.8% vanaf successful Bitcoin transaction, capped at $Five. However, beware of transaction fees. Option Two or Trio below are better if you are working with petite payments.

To get embarked wij recommend the free WP Elementary Pay Lite for Stripe plugin, ter which you can get going te just Five effortless steps. It presently has overheen Ten,000 active installs with a Four.Five out of 5-star rating.

WP Elementary Pay Lite for Stripe WordPress plugin

Note: Te our testing, wij did have issues with it running on PHP 7.Two. However, it worked fine on PHP 7.1

Step 1

Download and install the WP Elementary Pay Lite for Stripe plugin from the WordPress repository or by searching for it within your WordPress instrumentenbord under “Add New” plugins.

Install WP Elementary Pay Lite plugin

Step Two

The very first thing you will need to do is click into the settings of the plugin and input your Stripe API keys, which you can grab from your Stripe account instrumentenbord. Then click on “Save Switches.” You will notice there is a “Test Mode”. You can keep this enabled until you have everything configured.

Install WP Ordinary Pay Lite plugin

Step Three

Click into the “Default” settings tabulator. There is where you can give your webpagina a name, set the currency, provide an photo, etc. One significant setting is the Payment Success Pagina URL. If you are tracking conversions on your donations with a thank you pagina, then you will want to enable this. See our in-depth conversion tracking guide. Then scroll down and click on “Save Switches.”

WP Ordinary Pay settings

Step Four

Then you will need to create a “Payment Form.” You can set the donation amount under “Payment Options” and customize the surplus of the checkout process. The most significant part here is to enable the “Bitcoin” option.

WP Ordinary Pay payment form

Step Five

You can then insert a payment button on any pagina or postbode on your WordPress webpagina. Elementary click on the “Insert Payment Form” button te the editor.

Insert payment form

And here is an example of the what it looks like after clicking the donate Bitcoin button. Or what I called mine, “Buy mij a coffee.” There’s a Bitcoin tabulator te which Stripe will do the conversion instantly. So my $Five.00 coffee donation costs them 0.011855 Bitcoin (BTC). Note: This is just example, beware of transaction fees. Option Two or Three below are better if you are working with petite payments.

Buy mij a coffee with Bitcoin

And that’s its! Adding a Stripe Bitcoin donate button to your WordPress webpagina couldn’t be lighter. Make sure to switch Live Mode overheen to “On” if you haven’t already ter the settings. For another alternative wij also very recommend checking out the Give Stripe Add-on.

Option Two – Create Bitcoin Donate Button With GoUrl, Give, and Coinbase

The 2nd option is for those of you who actually want to receive Bitcoin. This can be done by accepting donations directly to a Bitcoin wallet. There are online software wallets and also physical hardware wallets such spil Trezor which you can use to store your cryptocurrency. Generally speaking, hardware wallets are the safest route to go if you are dealing with large amounts of Bitcoin.

Te this example wij are going to be using the popular online Coinbase verhoging, which is both a wallet and online exchange. Another alternative you could use is Blockchain. Wij’re then going to utilize a duo plugins to get job the job done.

Step 1

The very first thing you need to do is setup a Coinbase account if you don’t have one. This will create your digital wallet which holds your Bitcoin. Head overheen to Coinbase and click on “Sign Up” te the top right. It’s free to join. But always be aware of transaction fees! Each wallet/exchange treats them differently. For example, sending from one Coinbase wallet to another Coinbase wallet will void the Bitcoin transaction toverfee. However, you need to look up each wallet separately.

Step Two

Once you login, you’ll be klapper with a instrumentenbord that supplies your account’s current information: the number of bitcoins you have, the dollar omschrijving, etc. You’ll need to grab your Bitcoin address: an alphanumeric code (not confidential) people can use to send money to you. To do this click on “Accounts” at the top. Then click on “Receive” next to your Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet.

You’ll then see your Bitcoin address. Either leave this tabulator open or make a note of this address spil you’ll need this straks.

Bitcoin wallet address

Step Three

Then install and activate the following three plugins (all of which are entirely free).

Step Four

You now need to generate your private keys for the GoURL plugins, so create a free account at

Step Five

Then create a payment opbergruimte. Inject te a name, your coin (ter this case it is Bitcoin), and your Bitcoin wallet address from step Two above. Input your callback URL which you can grab from the plugin setting’s pagina. Once you click “Save” your keys will emerge.

GoURL payment opbergruimte

Step 6

Back te the GoURL plugin settings inject ter your Bitcoin keys which you just created above and click on “Save Settings.”

GoURL Bitcoin keys

Step 7

You then need to enable the GoURL Bitcoin payment gateway ter the Give plugin. So under Donations click into “Settings.” Click on the Payment Gateways tabulator and enable the GoURL Bitcoin/Altcoin Gateway.

Enable Bitcoin te Give plugin

Step 8

Under the gateways tabulator you can uncheck the other gateways if you only want to use this for Bitcoin donations. Also, make sure to reminisce to take it out of “Test Mode” once your ready.

Give default gateways

Step 9

You then need to create a donation form with the Give plugin. Te this example I’m creating one that says “Buy mij a coffee with Bitcoin.” Once your done customizing it, make sure to grab the shortcode on the right, spil you’ll need to druppel this into your pagina or postbode.

Give donation form

Step Ten

Druppel the shortcode into a postbode or pagina and you’re good to go. You can also use the button te the editor.

Here is how a ordinary donation form looks below.

Bitcoin donate button

Once someone comes in their information and clicks on “Donate Now” it takes them to the following pagina te which they can scan the QR code with your dearest Bitcoin wallet app or send Bitcoin directly to your wallet address. The Give plugin even generates a donation receipt for them.

Option Trio – Create Bitcoin Donate Button With Coinbase (code)

The third option is similiar to option Two above, wij’re just going to do it with code and no plugins. So grab your Coinbase wallet address again and go after the steps below.

Step 1

Very first you’ll need to create a donate button ter WordPress. A developer made a fine little project called coinwidget. You can grab the latest code from his webpagina or add the following below. The very first is to add some custom-made HTML into your WordPress postbode.

  • You will want to update the data-wallet attribute with your Bitcoin address you got te step Two above.
  • You can update the data-text attribute to switch the text of the button. Ter my example I’m using “Buy mij coffee with Bitcoin.”

Step Two

You will then want to add the following custom-built CSS and JavaScript. Check out how to add custom-made code ter WordPress.

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You will then have a button that looks like this.

Donate Bitcoins button

When someone clicks the button it will then generate a Bitcoin donate opbergruimte. They can send Bitcoin directly to your wallet address or scan the QR code.

Bitcoin donate opbergruimte

Note: If you’re nosey why wij aren’t using Coinbase’s donation button creator, it’s because they are no longer accepting merchant profiles. If you are a 501(c)Three non-profit, wij recommend creating donation buttons with Bitpay spil it permits for more customization..

It’s also significant to realize that by default wallets automatically generate a fresh address for you after every transaction you make or when funds are moved. This is done to protect your privacy, so that a third-party can not view all other transactions associated with your account simply by using a blockchain explorer to look-up an address they know to be yours. However, many still use a single address to accept numerous payments or donations. Ter fact, many give out their address loosely.

If you’re confused about the difference inbetween Bitcoin, Coinbase, Blockchain, and BitPay… welcome to cryptocurrency. But you can think of it this way:

Just like centralized banks and PayPal, BlockChain, Coinbase, and BitPay have their own competitors and alternatives.

Option Four – Go Ordinary With Bitcoin Address or QR Code

If you don’t want to mess with any of the above and want to go super ordinary, you can always just add your Bitcoin address to your webpagina asking for donations. Or use a free Bitcoin QR Code Generator, download the picture, and add it anywhere on your webpagina.

Bitcoin QR code generator

Accepting Bitcoin on Your Ecommerce Webpagina

If you want to be indeed bold, you could also begin accepting Bitcoin on your ecommerce webpagina. Here are a few plugins worth checking out.


Spil you can see, there are a duo different ways you can add Bitcoin donation buttons to your WordPress webpagina. If you’re not totally confused yet with cryptocurrencies, than consider yourself ter the minority. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see what happens with Bitcoin ter 2018. If anything it’s an arousing financial topic to go after.

But just to voorstelling you how volatile it indeed is, when wij embarked writing this postbode Bitcoin wasgoed valued at $17,575 and a few hours straks it wasgoed at $17,179.50. So within the time it took us to write a single blog postbode it has decreased ter value by almost $400!

What are your thoughts on Bitcoin? Do you think it will keep enhancing ter value across 2018 or is it already ter a bubble? Leave your comments below.

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