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How-tos, news, and announcements for IBM Cloud


The importance of joy ter the workplace

Compute Infrastructure

Accelerate and streamline AI and HPC workloads with fresh NVIDIA GPUs on IBM Cloud


VMware HCX on IBM Cloud (aka “space age IT”) – now available!

Improved Security &, More: The latest for IBM Cloud Explosion Balancer

Following our fresh IBM Cloud Geyser Balancer service that went live last year, we’ve just added extra capabilities to enhance your practice te cloud-native network services.

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IBM Analytics Engine is now available te the London DC

The IBM Analytics Engine team is excited to announce the General Availability (GA) of IBM Analytics Engine, the next generation of IBM’s Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop cloud service ter the London DC.

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Access Groups

IBM Cloud introduces access groups ter April 2018 spil the platform’s newest feature that makes organizing users and streamlining the assignment of access lighter than everzwijn! Previously, IBM Cloud Identity Access and Management (IAM) required access policies to be set for individual users and service IDs. Now with access groups, you can organize users and service IDs into a group and manage access by assigning policies to the group. This will save you time and effort and make your IBM Cloud security efforts more efficient!

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Store Terraform states te Cloud Object Storage

Terraform uses its state verkeersopstopping to compute its plans when you want apply an update to your infrastructure. It is essential to Terraform operations. Lose the state verkeersopstopping and you lose Terraform’s skill about your infrastructure.

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Introducing IBM Cloud SQL Query

Wij are excited to announce that SQL Query is now publicly available te the IBM Cloud spil a beta service. SQL Query supports using standard ANSI SQL to analyze CSV, Parquet, and JSON files stored ter IBM Cloud Object Storage.

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Ontleden call recordings with Watson

Typically the large volumes of calls treated by a call centre are recorded. Calls are recorded for training purposes, quality control or for regulatory/compliance reasons. While organizations often store large volumes of call recordings, they’ve no means to samenvatting value from thesis calls without turning to humans to actively listen to the recordings. The Call Analytics with Watson asset aims to address this challenge providing the capability to ontleden call recordings with Watson.

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Security Containerized Workloads ter IBM Cloud Using Aporeto

This blog wasgoed co-authored with Amir Sharif, co-founder of Aporeto. We’re excited to bring Aporeto’s capabilities to IBM Cloud Container Service, providing choice and plasticity to our users.

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IBM Watson Skill Catalog now available te United Kingdom

Wij are excited to announce that IBM Watson Skill Catalog is now available te the United Kingdom region! This means our customers now have the choice to catalog and access their gegevens and AI assets within the UK London region if they have gegevens residency requirements.

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Setting up IBM Cloud App ID with Ping One

Last week wij launched our latest IBM Cloud App ID feature, SAML Two.0 Federation. This feature permits you to lightly manage user identities ter your B2E apps while authenticating the users using existing enterprise flows and certified user repositories.

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