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Please note that wij have scheduled an outage today at Two:30AM UTC for approximately 15 minutes.

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@BrianWickstrom Coin emission is static vanaf day. If more users mine given chain then difficulty rises and you get smaller chunk of the pie.

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@sevilnatas Nope, no hardware tips here

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DB server maintenance reserved. Webstek may not be shown normally for few minutes.

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@_DACATA @Lindaproject Please send coin requests via voeling section

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suprminer has bot updated with support for #x16s used by $PGN @pigeoncoin https://t.co/kbCTihZkWt pool: https://t.co/2tzgLmNW35

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@anon466 On single pages – very likely pretty soon. Keep te mind this algo estimates may be totally inaccurate.

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$PIGN #PIgeoncoin has launched a few days ago – looks like joy with fresh X16S Algo based on $RVN’s X16R. Pool:… https://t.co/iqQF5nyRMa

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Service online again.

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Got some server problems again. Webpagina should be up within an hour.

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Some informatie about #cryptonight miners ready for fresh $XMR algo update https://t.co/itg4sWc13h #GPU

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Wij’ve dropped the #skunk algo from https://t.co/1BmKLPppXI If a fresh coin that’s on an exchange comes around wij’ll r… https://t.co/2AOVNTvgix

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Wij are officially announcing the support for the fresh algorithm called CryptoNightV7, which will be included ter a ne… https://t.co/e8hkwTm4yD

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$RVN #Ravencoin Pool frontend wasgoed down due to a DDoS, mining wasgoed fine all the time, hashes were safe, payouts are/w… https://t.co/G53oJm0uxc

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@CryptoSali Cant seem to connect to other users from the knot

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@KalleKeps There are no pools listed on wtm

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@RudeHash You need to provide your precies values for each algorithm. Take your UI url and insert .json te it before the ?

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@RudeHash Actually you should always input your own values into json param query. Way more accurate than relying on… https://t.co/Ar9aCb3cGm

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@RudeHash That wasgoed setup on purpose, should be good now.

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@DJPNixx Json back to normal

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@RavenPicturesFX @bitcoinprivate None of those exchanges are supported. Havent heard good things about some of them

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@GavinExley Problem wasgoed global, should be good now.

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@SpencerDiegel Webpagina is up, json still down

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@BRobNetDev There are still issues with json. Will be online tomorrow for sure.

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Run into some server issues. Webpagina should be back up within few hours.

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@Bensam123TV I respectfully disagree that mining when everything is falling is a bad thing. Thats the best time to… https://t.co/ZA5NIXOnQm

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@Bensam123TV It might create some sort of anxiety and increase scare. I have sold my equipments once when profit turned negative, never again 😛

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@Bensam123TV Its hard to imagine someone would not understand that dipping price could hurt his earnings. Profit co… https://t.co/SND1w0CvPE

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@Bensam123TV And if someone has a difference power cost? This varies too much from user to user

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