Pros and Cons of Kik

The Kik Messenger App is one of the fastest growing social networking app and a messaging alternative to the standard text messages.  Launched way back in 2009, the app is currently available to all the major operating platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Having a Kik Messenger app on your smart phone allows you to send and receive unlimited messages on the app among your friends.


Pros of using Kik Messenger App

People had their reservations regarding their privacy when the app was first launched in 2009. The multi-platform smartphone app allows users to be in contact with their friends and families at all time. The advantages of using the app include:

  1. Wide Community of Users: Currently, the app has over 240 million users across the world. This allows Kik to create a communication channel to allow the users with the app to be in contact with others without any cost or surcharge. This allows them to save money.
  2. Ease of Communication: Kik uses your mobile data to send and receive data instead of increasing your monthly bills. You can easily send unlimited text messages to anyone through this platform.
  3. Available on all platforms: This app is available for free download on almost every major operating platform. Also, the overall size of the app is very less as compared to most other apps. You can easily login to the Kik messenger app after creating an account using your email-id and password. But if you still find any problem related to login then see how to log into Kik on this page.
  4. Full Screen Browser: The full screen browser feature of the apps provides to offer an enriching experience to the user. Most of current social media apps do not have this feature currently.
  5. Blocking features: The Kik Messenger app allows you to block out any unwanted contacts that you don’t want to message or visit your profile.

Cons of using Kik Messenger App

Like every coin has two sides, Kik Messenger app also comes with few disadvantages to go alongside the numerous advantages it provides to its users. These include:

  1. Exposure to inappropriate content: The chat community established on this app is uncensored. Under-age persons using this app can be exposed to these set of inappropriate content which could involve sending or receiving graphic images of themselves to other users on this application.
  2. Young users on the app: Although the app is rated for people with an age of more than 17 years, a number of Kik users are between the age-group 11-15 years old. The children can participate in a number of conversations with complete strangers which can lead to cases of cyber bullying. It is advisable for the parents to keep a regular check on their children and read how to guide to deactivate Kik messenger account and deactivate their Kik account id if they are using one.
  3. Sexting: Young minds are unable to differentiate between the good and bad of exchanging private information with random strangers on the internet. This leverage can then involve usage of abusive languages or graffiti.

The Last Words

While the app clearly has various advantages for you to use regularly, it can also lead to strange things happening because of the wide community of people using the help. Therefore, it is always advised to use it carefully.


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