Top 10 Best Vocal Artists of EDM / Dance Music

 EDM Music has surged in the industry in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It is hard to pinpoint the forefathers of EDM but legends like DJ Tiesto among the others have contributed largely to the genre. EDM is an eccentric genre of music where people just dive into the music and their feet start moving as a reaction. It has to be powerful and thumping.

However, EDM music without vocals is like a smartphone without apps. The whole charm of vocals in the EDM music adds on to the glory of the song. Artists like Nadia Ali, Kirsty Hawkshaw among the others have taken the EDM music to all parts of the world with their song popularity and following.

Here are the top 10 best vocal artists of EDM/Dance music:


  1. Kirsty Hawkshaw:

She is one of the most gifted singers in the industry. Kirsty is a known face but her unprecedented success came with the song “Just Be” with the collaboration of DJ Tiesto. Since then, there is no looking back whatsoever. She has raised as one of the best vocal artists of EDM/Dance music.

  1. Nadia Ali:

Nadia Ali has a very unique voice and she shot to fame with her single “Rapture” which was recently mixed by Avicii. She is currently working with an array of musicians all over the world. Her song “Fantasy” topped the charts and her new songs are also making a huge buzz in the industry.

  1. Ellie Goulding:

Ellie Goulding was enjoying a moderate life back in England before her friend remixed one of her single “Starry Eyed”. This song became viral on the internet and won critical acclaim too. She has now become the most wanted artist when it comes to the EDM genre.

  1. John Martin:

He has sung the very popular track “Don’t you worry child” for the Swedish House Mafia. He has also worked with Avicii and other big EDM artists post his success with Swedish House Mafia. He enjoys the repute of being one of the best vocal artists of EDM/Dance music.

  1. Alana Watson:

Alana Watson has long collaborated with Nero but its music is baseless without the charismatic vocals of Alana Watson. Alana has maintained a low profile despite the huge success of her singles over the time. She is undoubtedly one of the best vocal artists of EDM/Dance music.

  1. Zoe Johnston:

She is English by birth and has worked with the UK Trance trio “Above and Beyond” for breaking into the scene. The group has released the latest album known as “Group Therapy” and it has many tracks featuring the voice of Zoe Johnston. Her voice is charming and feminine.

  1. Nervo:

They signed Sony Music publishing at the age of 18 and since then, the twon sisters have been giving hits after the other. They are popular for Armin Van Buuren’s “Drowning”. The twins are sought by the top artists in the industry and their voice is in utmost demand these days.

  1. Martina Topley Bird:

She is a rare talent and was discovered by Tricky, who is an English artist. She has collaborated with various artists over the time. Her voice is very different and arousing as reported by Massive Attack group, with whom she worked on their last album.

  1. Greta Svabo Bech:

She shot to fame after the collaboration with deadmau5. Her voice forms the base of many songs performed by Deadmau5. She is a phenomenal part of the group and the success of Deadmau5 proves the same.

  1. Vika Jigulina:

Vika Jigulina enjoyed success post the release of the song “Stereo Love” in which she gave her vocals for Edward Maya. She has since collaborated with various artists and everyone has come in praise for her commitment towards the work and the talent.
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Quick review of different shapes of trampolines and its uses

The current generation all age group people may know about the trampolines and its uses. Some of them don’t know the available shapes, cost, and sizes. So, here are the various shapes that provide you a lot of benefits. The shape of trampoline may just emerge to be a visual choice but it is, in fact, a more crucial decision. The way the springs act with the shape of the edge and material means that some types of bouncing style will be more effective. For instance, a rectangular trampoline is suitable for those who like a higher bounce.

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How to choose the apt trampoline

Based on the different shapes and its features available in the trampolines, you can choose a right one according to your convenience and space available in your home. You may ask some questions yourself before buying a trampoline that helps you to pick a right and better one for you and your family fitness. First thing is whether you are seeking to buy it for normal or sports practice, what is the weight and strength of the user and what is the age of the intended user. If the user will be using it for sports practice, then the right shaped would be a rectangular trampoline as there are created to offer more durability and lift to the user. If the user likes to buy it for a light exercise, then a circular trampoline is a better option. If you’re interested in rectangle trampoline, visit this site.


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