Facts you might not know about Water Softeners

A water filter can be found in almost all the houses nowadays. The main use of water softener in a house is to remove various hard minerals as well as chemicals from your drinking water. Some of these minerals include chlorine, magnesium, lead, and calcium etc. In addition to that, there are many water filters that remove more harmful substances than just minerals. And there are other which enhance the taste as well as the odour of your drinking water.

However, there are a lot of water softeners available in the market that can be used in a home.(click here and find out which water softener systems work best for you by our recommended website). These water softeners include ceramic filters, metallic alloy filters, carbon block resin, granular activated carbon filters, ultra-filtration membranes, distillation systems as well as reverse osmosis filters.

Micro porous ceramic filters make use of ceramic in order to clean the water. The ceramic contains small pores which allow only water to pass through it. All the small particles and dirt gets trapped in the ceramic. However, you need to clean it with running water when it gets clogged.

The granular activated carbon filter passes the drinking water through a carbon filter that you need to replace from time to time as well. Also, they do not alter the acidity of water.

The water distillers boil the water on the other hand and then condense the formed steam back into the water. This is the same old traditional way of obtaining pure water. But you also lose the useful minerals in the process.

Reverse osmosis filter is the one which uses pressure to filter the water and give you a very pure result, just similar to distilled water. The filters were originally manufactured to generate pure water from salt water. But the process is capable enough to take out other harmful particles as well. But, the only drawback of the filter is that, similar to boiling water, there will be no minerals left in the drinking water.

If you are thinking of a space perfect for installing a new water softener, we might be of a little help here. There are various points where you can install your new water softener. In case you wish to soften the whole water in the house, you can go for a whole water softening systems. Also if you are looking for a smaller solution, you can install it in your kitchen, in a bathroom or above basins where which you generally use more frequently.

So, now you know about various types of water filter and softening systems out there, and we hope we were of little help in framing your decision.