Americas Cardroom Toeslag Code – Review for US Players Apr 2018

Americas Cardroom is an online poker slagroom that is part of the Winning Poker Network. Americas Cardroom accepts players from the USA except those ter Delaware, Nevada and Fresh Jersey.

Americas Cardroom Toeslag Code

Register with Americas Card Slagroom Premie Code WELCOME100

Why Play at Americas Cardroom?

How Does the Americas Cardroom Premie Code Work?

Americas Cardroom provides an introductory premie to all clients that is worth spil much spil $1,000. To optie the toeslag, register a fresh account with the coupon code WELCOME100, and then make your very first real-money deposit.

Once you’ve registered with this premie code, you may now make a real money deposit into your account, and your account will be activated for the 100% deposit match verzekeringspremie.

The welcome verzekeringspremie is restricted to one use vanaf laptop, therefore, it is possible for numerous players ter the same household to keuze the introductory opoffering if they use their own computers. The premie amount is equal to 100 procent of the deposit amount, and Americas Cardroom requires a ondergrens deposit of $50. A client that deposits $50 will earn a $50 premie, and a client who deposits $1,000 will earn a $1,000 toeslag, the largest premie amount possible.

The verzekeringspremie is not instantly credited to your account. You vereiste earn Award Points – by playing real money poker – which will then release the toeslag money into your account. Wij will describe this further below.

How Do I Make a Deposit with Bitcoin?

Wij very recommend using Bitcoin spil your deposit method. Americas Cardroom permits for Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals with no transaction fees. Withdrawals are always the most difficult process but with Bitcoin, your withdrawals will succesnummer your account te just a few days rather than waiting a few weeks for a check.

If you don’t know much about Bitcoin or have a Bitcoin account, there are a few ways you can go about it, but wij think the easiest and safest way is to open Two different Bitcoin accounts/wallets. The very first is Coinbase, which you use to PURCHASE Bitcoin. However, Coinbase makes it clear that it does not permit its Bitcoins to be used for any online gambling. They likely group poker into the “gambling” category.

So then wij suggest you install a Bitcoin wallet on your smartphone such spil breadwallet or open an online account at https://blockchain.informatie/wallet/

You can transfer your Coinbase Bitcoins to that wallet, and then from that wallet you can deposit the Bitcoins into your Americas Card Slagroom account. Yes, it’s a few steps but it’s worth it!

What Are the Americas Card Slagroom Welcome Toeslag Requirements?

The welcome premie promotion is not awarded instantly but rather claimed by earning Award Points, which are discussed te greater detail te the Prizes Program section of this review.

For every 27.Five Award Points earned, you will receive $1 of your toeslag money.

The premie is paid out ter increments of $1.

You have to spend $Five te tournament fees to earn the 27.Five Award Points which then earns you a $1 toeslag. This amounts to a 20% rakeback or contant back program.

Players have 60 days to play through the very first deposit verzekeringspremie and earn spil much of it spil possible. Note that awarded premie money is pre-cleared, and players are free to do with it spil they please, including withdraw it.

Prizes Program

The prizes/loyalty program provided by Americas Cardroom is a solid system that certainly benefits the active poker player. It may, however, seem a tad confusing to the fresh player, and the information available on the Americas Cardroom webstek does not do a excellent job of explaining it. Part of the confusion is that the premie system actually has three components: Award Points, Rank Points and Combat Points, and the webstek sometimes uses the terms interchangeably without clarification.

Award Points and Rank Points are earned each time a player pays a tournament buy-in or contributes to a raked pot. Points are awarded at a rate of Five.Five vanaf $1. Therefore, if a player contributed $1 to a raked pot or paid $1 te tournament fees, he or she would earn Five.Five Award Points and Five.Five Rank Points. Award Points are used to release any toeslag money that the player has available. If there is no premie money available to the player, then Award Points are irrelevant.

The prizes program has five tiers: Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General and 5-Star General. Each time a client earns a Rank Point, it is added to a monthly pool. Players start at the Lieutenant tier and are promoted to Captain at 750 points, Major at Three,000 points and Colonel at 7,500 points. At the end of the month, clients who have not bot promoted beyond the Colonel rank are returned to Lieutenant rank, and this process embarks again. Rank Points ter the monthly pool are added to the yearly pool, and from that yearly pool, players are promoted to General at 100,000 points and 5-Star General at 1,000,000 points. Note that once a player achieves the General or 5-Star General rank, they remain at that rank for the remainder of the year.

Spil players earn Award Points and Rank Points, they also earn Combat Points, and the amount earned depends on a multiplier determined by rank. A Lieutenant who contributes $1 to a raked pot or pays $1 ter tournament fees earns Five.Five Combat Points, but a Captain earns 8.25, a Major earns 11, a Colonel earns 13.75, a General earns Nineteen.25 and a 5-Star General earns 27.Five.

Players can then use those Combat Points to purchase merchandise ter the Americas Cardroom store, purchase seats for online and live poker tournaments and purchase Medals of Achievement, which are specie bonuses. Note that there are also rank bonuses, such spil $50 te store specie when a player reaches Captain and an extra $300 when they reach Major.

You always have visibility on any verzekeringspremie by checking the Verzekeringspremie Progress Tapkast located ter the Premie Section of the Prizes tabulator. Once you’v reached the requirements, you can redeem the premie to specie.

Redeem Verzekeringspremie and Convert to Specie

Americas Cardroom Review

Americas Cardroom requires players to download and install its desktop client ter order to access the poker slagroom. The client software only supports the Windows operating system. There is no Web-based play, and albeit Android and Apple iOS apps are te the works, they were not yet available at the time of this review.

The Americas Cardroom software is very customizable and supports multi-table play up to 50 tables. Table cascading and table tiling features help players to manage a large number of tables quickly. The software also permits players to adjust felt color, background color, deck color, table size and so forward. Additionally, players can add gooey notes to a table or even a particular player, which is a very useful feature.

Multi-Tabling at Americas Cardroom

The most popular poker formats at Americas Cardroom are No Limit, Pot Limit and Immobilized Limit Texas Hold’em. For stadionring games, there are head-to-head, 6-seat and 9-seat tables available, and the activity is usually around $Three/$6 to $Five/$Ten, but players will find act spil low spil $0.02/$0.04 and spil high spil $100/$200. Other spel formats available include Motionless and Pot Limit Omaha Hi and Hi/Lo, Five Card Stud, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo.

What Sets Americas Cardroom Bijzonder?

Americas Cardroom offers a reload premie twice a month that is worth $200 each time. For players who will deposit at least $400 a month and can consistently kasstuk the Captain tier, Americas Cardroom provides excellent value compared to most of its competition.

Spil wij discuss above, the Americas Card Slagroom cashier accepts Bitcoin which makes the system very user-friendly and permits for swift deposits and withdrawals of large sums.

The prizes program provides a loterijlot of value, especially to grinders and higher stakes players. The prizes program becomes exceptionally lucrative at the General and 5-Star General tiers.


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