Bitcoin Price Forecast: What Is The Future Of The Cryptocurrency?

Any Bitcoin price forecast has bot fraught with uncertainty, spil the meteoric rise and fall of the cryptocurrency podium has made media headlines all overheen the world. There are hugely differing opinions on the future direction of Bitcoin, with some suggesting that the digital payment toneelpodium has massive upside potential, and others believing that Bitcoin does not represent a store of value, and will decline much further yet.

Bitcoin future

However, even the harshest critics of the cryptocurrency have generally accepted that Bitcoin will remain part of the financial architecture for years to come. One financial pro who is bearish on Bitcoin, Peter Boockvar, concedes that the embryonic currency will be around for a long time, but predicts that it will decline te value significantly.

Boockvar of Bleakley Advisory Group CIO suggests that the price could diminish so dramatically that Bitcoin is worth around $1,000 te the near future, with even with the optimistic estimate of the analyst being $Three,000 vanaf unit. Some have even suggested that the imminent collapse of Bitcoin will endanger the entire financial system, but Boockvar is sceptical about this possibility.

“I think wij have to look at it more broadly te the sense that the central handelsbank bubble manifested itself te many different places and just recently cryptocurrencies. So cryptocurrencies roll overheen and collapse, then maybe that’s a sign that the risk-taking attitude of investors is switching. Maybe that’s because of monetary tightening that intensifying this year. I don’t see it having a major influence if the price of Bitcoin resumes to decline,” the analyst told CNBC.

Bullish aspects

However, not everyone is bearish on Bitcoin. The fact that Bitcoin futures are now part of the financial architecture is considered by many to be a major upside for the cryptocurrency ter the foreseeable future. This has led some to make an optimistic Bitcoin price forecast, particularly spil Morgan Stanley has now announced its intention of clearing Bitcoin futures for its clients. Morgan Stanley joins Goldman Sachs, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade and others te clearing CME and Cboe te satisfying Bitcoin futures.

It is this relative acceptance by the mainstream financial establishment that has led many to be positive on Bitcoin price forecast. This is despite the fact that the creation of regulated Bitcoin futures has not bot universally acclaimed by the Bitcoin community. Nonetheless, the involvement of more Wall Street firms clearly adds legitimacy to the fledgeling digital currency.

One positive Bitcoin price forecast related to this comes from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, who suggests that institutional investors will rapidly bury $Ten billion into Bitcoin spil a result of the futures market. This should have a positive influence on the value of the cryptocurrency, and could lead to another breakout show from Bitcoin ter 2018, even tho’ its value has already declined around 40 procent.

Scathing Bitcoin price forecast

Nonetheless, the fall te the value of Bitcoin te the early weeks of 2018 has undoubtedly spooked some investors. This led to one particularly scathing Bitcoin price forecast from Jeffrey Robinson. The author likened investing te Bitcoin to gambling, albeit it should be noted that Robinson has bot a vocal critic of the cryptocurrency.

“It’s a bubble. It’s a loaded roulette wheel. You’re better off ter Vegas. The food is better,” Robinson facetiously asserted.

Robinson blamed media hype for the dangerous bubble that Bitcoin is te presently.

“I blame [the media] for bringing on thesis snake oil salesmen who tell you what a excellent investment it is. It’s not an investment. It’s not a currency.”

There are also further factors which are bearish for any Bitcoin price forecast overheen the next few years. Firstly, financial watchdogs ter Europe are passing significant legislation which will influence on Bitcoin, and indeed the entire cryptocurrency niche. This goes after on te the back of similar regulations ter East Asia, which have already begun to influence on the price of Bitcoin.

Secondly, the exceptionally rapid escalation ter the value of Bitcoin overheen the last few months has obviously led some people to optie, with seeming legitimacy, that Bitcoin is te a bubble. It is worth remembering that at the beginning of 2018, Bitcoin wasgoed worth only $1,000 vanaf unit, and is presently trading at overheen $11,000. And this goes after a fairly significant correction ter the Bitcoin price.

With regard to the very first of thesis factors, major countries te Europe are now pushing for explicit Bitcoin legislation. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire stated that France wishes to “avoid the risks of speculation or possible financial traffics linked to Bitcoin”.

And the European Commission has backed this proposal, with Valdis Dombrovskis, the Commission vice voorzitter responsible for financial services, writing to the three financial watchdogs employed te the European Union warning know about a possible bubble ter the cryptocurrency. Dombrovskis also asked asked for the regulatory framework related to such products to be reviewed, citing “clear risks for investors and consumers associated to price volatility.”

Positive signs

Te such a climate, it is difficult to make a bullish Bitcoin price forecast. But many are still positive on the future of the cryptocurrency, particularly considering that there will only everzwijn be a finite number of Bitcoins mined. Once twenty-one million Bitcoins are te circulation, the cryptocurrency will only be used spil a unit of exchange, and this has led advocates of the cryptocurrency to make the positive Bitcoin price forecast that its value will inevitably head northwards, despite latest corrections.

The future of Bitcoin is certainly shrouded ter doubt, and the innovative and revolutionary nature of the cryptocurrency is strapped to bring scepticism among both the authorities and traditional investors. There is also a good overeenkomst of ire among those who have missed the spectacular investment chance that the early phases of Bitcoin represent, with the value of the cryptocurrency having enhanced literally ems of thousands of fold from its launch price.

One Bitcoin price forecast that can be made with confidence is that this most spectacular investment chance will proceed to make headlines for the foreseeable future.

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