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Ethereum Hardware Wallets

What is an Ethereum Hardware Wallet?

If you are just getting te to Ethereum then you will need to purchase a secure Ethereum hardware wallet to enable you to store your Ether

There are many options you can choose from but I’m going to mention the best ethereum wallets, the only ones that I would personally consider myself,

So here are my top Three Ethereum hardware wallet options.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is very likely one of the lowest priced hardware wallets available for Ethereum.

The average price wij found wasgoed around 93 at the time of writing this article but shipping cost will most likely need to be added to this depending where you buy it and where you live.

The Nano S will enable you to store your Ether securely offline. Once you have installed and set up you whenever you make a transaction sending or buying Ether, the system automatically signs your transactions and records the act on to your pc ter your Nano wallet.

What wij like about the Nano S is that is has a screen which means you will be able to verify all of your outgoing transactions visually and verify that the address and amount you’re sending is juist. Should you everzwijn be unlucky enough to have your laptop hacked your Nano S’s screen will remain secure.


Wij believe that the TREZOR ethereum hardware wallet wasgoed the very first Bitcoin hardware wallet which had an integrated screen. TREZOR only began supporting Ethereum ter early 2018 so is a relatively fresh Ethereum wallet on the market.

A TREZOR costs on average 96 and similarly to the Nano S, a TREZOR will store your Ether offline te its own built ter secure system.

TREZOR has a truly nice password manager system which encrypts your passwords within its own totally secure environment and then wagen decrypts it if everzwijn you wished to login online for any reason.

Another thing wij liked about the TREZOR wasgoed that it emerges to be the most sturdy hardware wallet wij attempted, yet it is very light, being made mainly from plastic, yet still suggesting an pleasing vormgeving.


The KeepKey is slightly more expensive at approximately 129.00 and again can vary ter price depending on where you buy it etc.

The KeepKey stores your Ethererum securely offline.

The main difference inbetween all of the one wij looked at is that the Nano S uses a form of smartchip technology, whilst the KeepKey is more akin to a self contained mini rekentuig.

Another fairly noticable difference is that the KeepKey has fairly a much larger screen than the surplus and has a “quality” feel to it. The KeepKey’s screen is made from glass contained within a rther sleek looking aluminum figure. Albeit it looks much nicer and feels more secure, the KeepKey may however be more vulnerable to being violated or bruised if dropped albeit wij didnt dare test the theory !

Which Ethereum Harware Wallet is the best?

This of course is still a matter of individual choice but If you are on reasonably taut budget and just getting began te Etherum trading, there is no doubt that the Ledger Nano S would be your best option to choose spil your Ether hardware wallet.

Wij felt that the added features of the TREZOR made it somewhat different from the others whilst the KeepKey’s “quality” feel wasgoed the only thing separating it appart from the TREZOR.

Ter conclusion If you are mining Ethereum, then you will definately need a hardware wallet, and any of the above Three would be suitable to get you going and opoffering a secure environment for your future Ethereum trading activities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ethereum Wallets

Wij will attempt to response some of the most common questions wij are asked about Ethereum wallets.

Q. I don’t want to buy a hardware wallet, are there any free ones I can use?

A. MyEtherWallet offers a free open-source Ether wallet, but you should reminisce that online wallets are nowhere near spil secure spil offline secure hardware wallets for storing your Ether.

Q. How do you obtain an Ethereum address?

A. When you download or buy your very first Ethereum wallet, you will be assigned a unique address with the wallet software which you will need to verify when you register your purchase.

Q. How do you fund your Ethereum wallet?

A. The only way to fund an Ether wallet is to buy or trade Ethereum from an exchange. After you buy or accomplish a transaction, you can withdraw the Ether to your wallet. You should NEVER store your Ether on an exchange or just on your pc .

Q. How do you send Ethereum?

A. After you have secured your Ether te your wallet, you just need to obtain the Ethereum address of the person you wish to send to and finish the transaction ter the normal manner.

Q. How long will it take to send Ether?

A. Ether payments are normally super swift. You can receive a single confirmation ter less than 12 seconds but normally you may need to wait a while longer than that for bulk confirmations.

Q What is Ethereum cold storage I have heard about?

A. Ethereum Cold storage simply means that your Ethereum private keys have stored and created offline.

A. An Ethereum paper wallet is a private key which is printed and stored offline which is just another form of cold storage.

Whichever option you choose you will at some point need an ethereum hardware wallet.

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