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What is Gas Harvesting?

What ship is best for Gas Harvesting?

The Venture is a superb ship to use when harvesting gas. Spil you can see from the traits below it gets a enormous role premie on gas harvesting yields, it has a Five.000 m3 cargo hold, it can gezond two gas harvesters and has an toegevoegd high slot for a scanner or a cloak, depending on your needs. And since you need to train the abilities for this ship whatever you intend to mine, it is the default beginner gas harvesting ship.

A Venture gathering valuable gas ter a gas webpagina.

How to getraind a Gas Harvesting Venture

The way I see it if you get caught te low sec te a Venture, you are dead. So there’s almost no reason to getraind any tanking modules. How I would kasstuk a Venture for low sec gas harvesting is the following:

High slot: 2x Gas Harvesters, Prototype cloaking device.

Mid-Slot: 5MN Microwarpdrive + Two optional

Low Slot: Harm Control

The cloak and the Microwarpdrive will increase your chance of escaping from a hostile if you get hopped te a gas webpagina.

Where to find Gas Sites

Unlike ore and ice, gas can only be harvested from gas sites which vereiste be scanned down using scanning probes. Gas sites can be found te both te known space and wormholes. Mykoserocin and cytoserocin gases can be found te known space, while fullerines are found ter wormholes.

Mykoserocin and Cytoserocin

Mykoserocin and cytoserocin are the two forms of gas which are only found te gas sites te known space. Mykoserocin can be found ter high-security and low-security space and is used to make Synth boosters which have a mild effect and are less profitable to synthesize. Cytoserocin is found te low and null security space and is used to make more effective and more profitable forms of boosters. Mykoserocin tends not to be very profitable to harvest while Cytoserocin is fairly profitable.

Gas sites are infrequent te high sec, more common te low and somewhat common ter null sec, they are also restricted to certain regions of space. Below is a table which shows what form of gas can be found ter which region of space and what it can be used to synthesize. Within each region, there is also a hot-spot constellation where gas sites are always present.


There are nine different types of fullerides, which are gases that can only be found te wormhole space. Fullerides are used ter T3 manufacturing and research and certain types of that gas are very valuable. Being located only ter wormhole space there is a high risk associated with harvesting it unless you belong to a corporation that controls the wormhole.

Nevertheless, there is a way to harvest the most valuable gas without belonging to a wormhole corporation by using what is called ninja mining, meaning you leap into a wormhole, scan the location of a gas webpagina, leap ter and harvest the gas and leap out again before the Sleepers arrive.

Wormhole Ninja Mining

There is a ship that is good for gas harvesting but excels ter harvesting gas ter treacherous terrain. That ship is the Uitzicht, which wasgoed clearly designed to harvest gas te null sec and te wormhole space. It can be fitted for two purposes, either spil part of a group mining expedition or a solo expedition. The ships traits are:

Not too shabby, particularly the fact that it can getraind a covert op cloaking device. This means that you can have a Uitzicht with a gas harvester, a covert ops cloak and a core probe launcher, add to that a survey scanner, an afterburner and a harm control module and you have a ship that can inject wormholes solo, scan down gas sites, check for sleepers, mine the gas located there if it’s worth it and hop out, possibly without anyone noticing.

Just recall that after you warp into a fresh gas webpagina you have harshly 20 minutes before the sleepers demonstrate up unless someone has already triggered the webpagina beforehand.

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