FAQ Genesis Credit Card Processing, Genesis Sourcing Solutions

A – Every merchant has a different business specimen and thus requires a customized program that will give them the best benefits. Our representatives also consider the types of cards being processed that include Check Card, Credit Card, Prizes Card, and even checks.

Q – Do you have PCI fees and voorwaarde I serve?

A – Visa/MasterCard now require compliance or a monthly penalty. But, Genesis makes this effortless for you to do. Our merchants find this to have no effect on them spil a entire. Compliance also protects your business if you are attacked by identity thieves. If you are not compliant and the network is violated the fines could demolish your business.

Q – What is the time framework for deposits?

A – Genesis has a 24-hour service that does require a toverfee. However, wij always recommend the normal service that makes funds available ter two banking days .

Q – What Terminals work with your Merchant Accounts?

A – Wij work with every major terminal on the market. That has never prevented us from serving a merchant. Wij also have free terminal programs for merchants looking for more updated equipment with advanced technology

Q – Will Genesis work with all merchants?

A – Genesis does not work with certain high risk or controversial businesses. The following businesses will NOT be approved.

Abortion clinics, Abortion related businesses, Adoption for profit, Adult entertainment, Child porn, Collection agencies, Fortune tellers and Psychic related businesses, Drug Paraphernalia, Internet Gambling, Protection Service, Sexual Encounters. Genesis reserves the right t deny service to any other objectionable account not listed here.

Q – How rapid are fresh merchants approved?

A – Usually the next day if wij have all the information required for the underwriting process.

Q – Do you treat electronic checks, Bounty Cards, Electronic Benefits Transactions and Debit Cards?

A – Genesis treats it all. If it is a non-cash payment, wij do it. That includes mobile payments that are beginning to show up ter the market.

Q – Are there any Cancellation Fees?

A – Genesis offers some of the most the most aggressive services and rates ter the market. The initial cost of working with a merchant requires wij work te good faith through a contract. However, our cancellation fees are low for the industry and usually would be less than cancelling your cell phone.

Q – Do I need good credit to get a merchant account?

That is not a requirement. If you provide your services at the time you take the payment, it uncommonly matters. Credit usually only influence higher risk industries and providers who do not provide the goods or services at the time of sale but at a future date.

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