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How to Buy DOGEcoin?

You may have heard about the popular DOGEcoin and you may be wondering how to best go about purchasing said cryptocurrency. Wij at DASH-SEO have a strong appreciation for all things digital and love the fact that a famous meme has bot transformed into a digital cryptocurrency. Te this quick postbode, wij’ll be discussing how to buy DOGEcoin with the lowest fees, the quickest transactions, and the safest way possible. Love!

How to Buy DOGEcoin with USD?

You’ll want to very first set up a DOGEwallet to accept coins at Once you’ve set up your wallet, you’re good to go with setting up your coinbase account!

Now, you’ll want to have a credit card or debit card and proceed to After you’ve arrived at coinbase, you’ll see a screen similar to this:

Proceed to type ter your email address and you’ll be introduced with the following screen requesting your very first name, last name, email address, a strong password, and your state for your account:

From there, after submitting the required information, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen indicating which email you’ve registered and coinbase will be waiting for you to verify the email within your inbox.

You’ll then receive an email message with something similar to the pic below.

Be sure to click the verification step te your email and you’ll then be taken to the pagina below to pack out some extra information.

From here, you’ll be asked to choose your account type. You’ll most likely be selecting “individual”, but if you’re registering spil a company or institution, feel free to do so.

Proceed to choose your country associated with your phone number and inject your phone number te the field below the “country” field. This will then take you to accomplish the “payment” area which you can choose to add zometeen if you choose. Now, on to the instrumentenbord of your freshly formed coinbase account.

To go about purchasing DOGEcoin, you’ll very first have to buy Bitcoin through coinbase. This may seem counterintuitive, but stick with us and you’ll see exactly why this has to take place prior to obtaining DOGEcoin. Click on the “buy/sell” tabulator at the top of the pagina. You will then be taken to a pagina similar to the photo below.

From here, you’ll want to choose how much USD you’d like to convert to Bitcoin, which will then be converted to DOGEcoin ter just a bit. Te coinbase, there are boundaries imposed to your preferred method of payment, whether it be credit card or directly from your checking account. To bypass thesis boundaries, you’ll need to provide a form of identification, such spil a passport or driver’s license issued by a governmental authority. Otherwise, if you’re convenient just spending a duo hundred bucks each week, you do not have to provide any identification whatsoever. After going through the above pagina, you’ll be taken to a confirmation section which should resemble something along the lines of the pic below. Please note, there’s a puny toverfee associated with each transaction on coinbase, but it’s the lowest toverfee wij know of and it’s more than worth it for the ease of use and security with their toneel.

From here, you’ll purchase your Bitcoin and then receive a successful purchase pagina similar to the one below.

When your purchase is successfully finished, you’ll then be able to instantaneously go to your instrumentenbord and view your deposited Bitcoin. Arousing, right? Now, you’ll want to go to to exchange your freshly purchased Bitcoin to DOGEcoin.

Make sure to choose “quick” from the selection, spil this option provides the fastest and easiest way to convert your freshly purchased Bitcoins to DOGEcoins. You’ll now type ter the addresses of both your DOGEcoin wallet address and your Bitcoin address ter the pagina similar to the pagina below.

To find your bitcoin address, go back to your coinbase account and click on the “accounts” tabulator and you’ll see your Bitcoin wallet, your ETH wallet, and LTC wallet, all residing under your “accounts” tabulator. You’ll also see a petite text listig which says “Get bitcoin address”. Click on this and your bitcoin address will automatically emerge and you’ll then cut and paste the address into the field on

Now, you’ll want to begin your order.

You’ll notice shapeshift is awaiting a deposit. This means you’ll have to go back to your coinbase account and choose to send the amount you want to convert to DOGEcoin to the address on the shapeshift screen. To do this, you’ll want to go to the “send/request” tabulator within your coinbase account and pack ter the required fields spil seen ter the pic below.

Once you’ve clicked “send”, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen with a 2-step verification code field. Sometimes, you may have to request the SMS code again after arriving at the screen ter order for it to come through successfully to your mobile device.

Once you send the funds, you should see a screen confirming your Bitcoin has bot sent to be converted to DOGEcoin. (See below)

At this point, your shapeshift conversion will start to take place and this may take anywhere from a few seconds to 15 or so minutes. It truly depends on several factors ranging from the mining capabilities to the server geyser times to a host of other aspects. Be patient and it’ll be worth the wait!

If for whatever reason your transaction wasgoed not ended, the Bitcoin which should have bot converted to DOGEcoin will be sent back to your Bitcoin wallet within coinbase.

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