Life Inwards A Bitcoin Mine Livestream

The very first 24/7 livestream from the inwards of a Bitcoin Mining farm ter beautiful Iceland.

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Weather te Iceland

Bitcoin what?

No Idea what Bitcoin Mining is? Ter brief: Validating Bitcoin payments and providing safety to the decentralized digital currency network. Scroll down for the FAQ and get a more detailed explanation.

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Why a livestream?

Spil many people don’t know how a mining farm looks and operates, wij wished to give everybody a clear idea about it and provide livestreams of a mining farm from Genesis Mining. Coupled with fresh, ongoing promotional events, wij hope to make this a nice entertainment channel.

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Mining Farm Build Out te Iceland

Inwards Genesis Mining Vraaggesprek

Bitcoin Mining 101

X11 Mining Farm Setup Timelapse

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What is Bitcoin Mining?

To understand what Bitcoin Mining is, you very first have to understand the entire concept of Bitcoin. Everybody who wields or is trading with Bitcoin is a member of the Bitcoin network. One of the main reasons why Bitcoin is such a fine invention is that it enables its network (more precisely its members) to transact with each other without needing a central authority (like a bankgebouw) to control them. But spil there is no central authority, the network has to validate its transactions by itself. This goes automatically but it requires a loterijlot of computing power. The so called miners are those members of the network, who provide their own computational power for this validation process. Spil a prize, the miners get all or some of those Bitcoins that are released into the Network each time a block is found which happens on average about every Ten minutes.

Te the beginning, you could mine hundreds of Bitcoins just with your laptop. Now it has got much more difficult: the network is growing, and so are the number of miners. The result is a rising competition among miners for the freshly released coins, and the appearance of increasingly specialized and quick computing machines, which you can also see on the live stream of the mining farm. They generate a lotsbestemming of noise and warmth, that is why it is indeed optimal to keep them secluded te Iceland, where electrical play and cooling are both cheap.

Who are you guys?

Wij are Genesis Mining. One of the largest cloud mining providers te the Bitcoin mining industry with overheen 60,000 daily customers. We’ve bot operating for almost two years and are actively involved te the community.

Why are you doing this?

Bitcoin cloud mining has an punt: there are a lotsbestemming of companies that are deceptive at best, scams at worst. They pretend to have mining facilities, often taking photos from other fair providers and claiming them spil their own. After this happened to us, wij asked, how can wij prevent that from happening again? Streaming some of our mining farms live 24/7 on the internet wasgoed the reaction.

Is this your only mining farm?

No, of course not! This is just one of the very first farms that wij have set up for live streaming . This one farm represents only a fraction of the farms wij own, but te the upcoming months, wij will attempt to scale out and add more and more live flows to our farms. The fattest ones are yet to come.

However since customer protection and security are high priority for us, wij can only set up a livestream at locations that are not critical and tolerate this without disclosing sensitive information and disclosing critical intellectual property.

What is the total hashpower that can be seen here?

The total hashpower that can be seen on our live cameras is approximately 3000 TH/s of SHA-256.

Where can I find out more about Bitcoin mining?


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