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Apr Legitimate

Posted by Harry Wright on April 1, 2018

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Mar Eighteen

Posted by Harry Wright on March 23, 2018

Today is the last day of term for our boy ter his penultimate year (year Five) at Primary schoolgebouw. Easter holidays have bot a long time coming (for him) and he has planned to take us somewhere… so it’s Off Wij Go To London.

Wij’ve bot to London before but this is different, this is educational, driven by the motives our youngest son Oliver!

On his list of interests are the following places, based on something he has bot studying at schoolgebouw and what has clearly fired his imagination to want us to share ter his excitement. Perhaps you can join ter and attempt to work out what it is that drives a nine year old boy to such positive behaviour?

  1. the Imperial War Museum,
  2. the Tower of London,
  3. Tower Bridge,
  4. The Houses of Parliament,
  5. Buckingham Palace, … you name it and he wants to visit it!

Top of his list is to take mij (his Dad) to see where Churchill did his wartime programma.

Well, the filmrolletje ‘Darkest Hour’ has made its mark and influenced, even amazed and motivated our son towards never providing up, whatever the challenge. I reminisce him taking mij to the cinema and he wasgoed the only person junior than 40-50 years old. He is only NINE but ter fairness he did explore the 2nd World War a duo of months ago te his schoolgebouw (stage Five). Seems spil however he liked the project so much that it has taken him overheen. So, before I leave this celebration of my son’s latest rente, I voorwaarde tell you how keen he is to find books and shred every word and picture from their pages of WW-1 and WW-2 stories. My boy devours information about his interests!

“So what?”, you might ask, but I have to say he wasgoed most likely the only person te that cinema who could name and describe, even quote word-for-word, all the wartime political leaders on all fronts across the world stage from Pearl Harbour to Dunkirk, the battles of Africa and the Arctic, the Blitz, D-day and, he’s just told mij, the most horrific moments of the war, the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Ter that speelfilm, ‘Darkest Hour’, Oliver knew what wasgoed coming before the actors had a chance to take their breath! His level of skill is awesome. It makes mij utter of parental verrassing and pride ter equal measure.

Having an autistic son brings out the best ter parents, never wanting to miss out on any chance to support and miracle at their educational and social developments. Most of the time wij are focused on the multitude of their daily needs spread across that broad autistic spectrum- especially during this… International Autistic week.

Please ask yourself thesis questions:

  1. Do you know anybody who is autistic?
  2. Do you understand the condition?
  3. What do you think about the challenges wij all share of integrating autistic children into mainstream lifestyle?
  4. If you know someone who is going to have a kind, the chances of that zuigeling being born with some form of autistic type challenge is about one te twenty.
  5. Have you any idea what might cause autism ter babies?
  6. Is there a cure for Autism?

Thank you for taking part, discovering colourful aspects of our special life te the world of autism.

Without doubt, wij feel blessed to have such a vibrant and inspirational child who learns and lives te a parallel autistic world, arguably better ter many ways than our identically challenging, mainstream existence.

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