Should you invest ter Bitcoin? Only if you have money you can afford to LOSE – Martin Lewis – Mirror Online

Money Saving Pro exposes his key buying rules for the digital currency and warns of the risks

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  • Nineteen:50, 16 DEC 2018
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Should you invest ter Bitcoin? Digital &timid,currency Bitcoin is worth overheen Ten times now what it wasgoed te January. Recently it again and again smashes through its price record, then plummets below it (who knows where it’ll be when you read this).

Some early adopters have made millions, and Facebook’s utter of ads to tempt you to squirrel away your hard earned specie ter it.

No verrassing then that my e-mail bag is &timid,overflowing. So while investment isn’t normally my thing, today I want to give you my four key Bitcoin buying rules…

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Rule 1: Don’t invest te something you don’t understand

This tweet from Jeff is what spurred mij to write this chunk, “@martinslewis a friend has told mij to invest te bitcoin. What’s your view on them spil I’m not fairly sure what they are?”

My ordinary reaction is if you don’t understand Bitcoin don’t invest ter it – regardless of what your mates say. Bitcoin is a decentralised crypto-currency invented te 2009, which uses encryption to ensure each virtual coin is legit. It’s all done through technology, so that it bypasses the Handelsbank of England and other countries’ central banks.

Yet when I say you voorwaarde understand it, it’s not the nitty-gritty of the tech, but how it works spil an investment, how effortless it is to get your money te and out, the level of risk, and what drives the price up and down.

Rule Two: Bitcoin’s request is likely from speculators more than users

A few places now permit you to spend bitcoin. Yet many people are interested te it spil a place to make money, not to shop. That leads people, spil Sarah did, to ask questions like…”@MartinSLewis is Bitcoin indeed a thing of value?”

That’s difficult to reaction – almost philosophical! What is value? Well, food has it, because wij can eat it. Yet the primary use of gold, which has bot a store of value for centuries, is just jewellery. Its value comes from its scarcity, uniformity, and the fact many recognise it spil a medium of exchange. Even our paper money has no intrinsic value, yet Government validates it so wij recognise it spil having such. So does Bitcoin have value? Yes, but only if people choose to accept it.

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Rule Three: Understand that Bitcoin is a very speculative investment

Bitcoin is an unregulated investment, like a form of gambling, if it does well you could make serious gains, or just spil possible, if it goes badly wrong, lose everything. So think about your attitude to risk. While Bitcoin’s price has rocketed, past vertoning is no indication of future spectacle (spil the regulator would say if Bitcoin wasgoed regulated).

It’s suggested Bitcoin is the most likely payment toneelpodium to work with a predicted, but far from certain, explosion ter a ingewikkeld fresh online technology called blockchain. It’s said there can only everzwijn be a maximum 21m Bitcoin’s te existence, so the fact it’s a scarce resource means if request rises so will the price. Perhaps this speculative rise will proceed. On the other arm, like the hallway mania of the 18th century or the very first internet boom – it may be a bubble soon to burst. We’ll only know with hindsight. So don’t waterput any money ter you can’t afford to lose.

While many rechtsvordering to have made fortunes, most are only on paper. What counts with any asset isn’t just the price you buy at, but when to sell it too.

The fact I’m writing this, is evidence Bitcoin is at a point where the mainstream public are interested. So the “greater idiot theory” may be coming into play – that’s where people buy, not because they think the valuation is realistic, but ter the hope that a greater loser than them will be willing to pay more for it ter future. If so the key is not to be the final loser.

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