4 Most Expensive Contemporary Artists Of India And Why They Are Worth Their Values


Painting from the Subcontinent has earned rage in the earlier decade, with rates for modern artists winning trillions of dollars at art auctions. Although the greatly valuable and outstanding artists in India are modernist teachers, for example, Mehta, Gaitonde, and Souza, youthful eras of artists are demonstrating to be considerably extra sought after in the international spotlight. This list consists of the four most valuable and prominent Indian contemporary artists.

Atul Dodiya

Atul Dodiya doesn’t come across in Artprice’s Top 500 tiers, but he is frequently spoken of among the great famous and sought-after modern Indian artists. His work can surpass the extent of USD 500,000 at auction. Atul Dodiya’s provocative portraits are recognized in auctions emphasizing a few of the broadly crucial and highly cherished Indian contemporary artists, including Tyeb Mehta. Dodiya is incited by Indian modernist and modernist currents champions but interprets their beliefs through a modern viewpoint, confronting craft and political records in a path that entwines universal and social remembrance.

Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor ranks No. 11 in Artprice’s Top 500 for 2012-2013, with an auction popover of EUR12.3 and the top hammer rate of EUR 1.12. In 2012-13, Anish Kapoor swapped 49 tons at auction, while in 2013-14, he just swapped 35. However, he still crowns the chart of the greatly valuable Indian contemporary artists. His excitement expands far beyond the United States and Europe to include the thriving craft and assembling events of the Middle East. In October 2014, Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction in Doha set a title for Kapoor’s “Untitled “ in 2009, which was bought at USD1.595 million, the greatest rate attained for a job by the artist in the Middle East. Kapoor’s record auction rate of GBP 1.94 million was set in July 2008. To know more about Indian artists, click on this link https://hercircle.in/engage/fashion/trends/6-artists-changing-the-face-of-contemporary-art-in-india-2123.html

Raqib Shaw

Raqib Shaw was the next most valuable Indian contemporary artist to the auction of ArtPrice’s which was held with Top 500 contents in 2013-2014 and he acquired the position of 373. His rage on the worldwide spotlight aspired after the immense trading of his art at Sotheby’s London Contemporary Art Sale. Since 2007, he has evolved into one of the prime modern Indian artists in the global craft world. His desirable, provocative homoerotic portraits lift the limitations of socially established standards. They can be observed at main craft carnivals throughout the earth, exhibited in top white-cube museums, like Pace Gallery, etc. His `Garden of Earthly Delights III’ 2003 auctioned for GPB2.7 million, earning the tag of the most costly painting by an Indian artist ever at auction. Since then, Shaw has been well known outside of London as well.

Shilpa Gupta

Shilpa Gupta is the newest artist on this chart. Still, she has grown renowned recently for her high-level IT development method that impresses audiences in the global noteworthy function of the Venice Biennale and many more big opportunities she got in her life. Later she frequently takes the position among the greatly valuable and prominent creators and after that, she started staring at auctions with them in 2008. Shilpa Gupta’s painting at auction at Sotheby’s and Christie’s has charged rates up to nearly USD50,000, such as her ‘Untitled’ C-print on white canvas auctioned in 2008, the artist’s initial year in the art world.

This was the end of the list but not the End of the valuable Indian contemporary artists. The list is endless because India has given birth to so many gems hidden around the nation.