5 Best Chinese New Year Gift For 2021


The nuances of the Chinese New Year have begun to appear. Many fashion brands have issued special collections, attractive decorations in malls have also started to be enlivened with typical Chinese ornaments.

Some people may also be busy preparing gifts for relatives who celebrate it. If you are confused about choosing the right gift, try to pay attention to the values ​​contained in their culture. Like, don’t choose a gift that is not right and is believed to bring bad luck.

Here are some items that are considered to be unlucky if they are used as gifts during the Chinese New Year.

  1. Umbrella & Sharp Objects

Instead of strengthening the relationship, you are considered to want to break the relationship because that is the philosophy of umbrellas and sharp objects in Chinese culture.

  1. Flower

Flowers are often seen as a symbol of love, but not in Chinese culture, where flowers are a symbol of death. This flower especially applies to yellow chrysanthemums and any white flower, which represents death. In Chinese culture, white is an unlucky color. It would be best if you avoided it. Choose red flowers because it is a symbol of prosperity.

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  1. Wristwatch

Although they are excellent and worthy as gifts, watches should be avoided. It is because the pronunciation of “to give a watch” in Chinese sounds the same as “attend a funeral ritual.” So, gift watches are considered a bad symbol.

  1. Shoes

Although being gifted with shoes is fun, in Chinese culture, shoes are a representation of misfortune. Besides, shoes will also be placed on your feet and trampled on. So, shoes aren’t the right Lunar gift either.

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  1. Black or White Object

Black and white are essential colors at a funeral, so avoid giving mostly black or white gifts. However, red is believed to be a festive and lucky color, so red has always been the choice to celebrate Chinese New Year.

  1. Pear

Fruits are good, but pears are not the right choice. Pears are taboo because the Chinese “pear” sounds the same as the word “split.” So, suppose you want to give a healthy CNY hamper that contains herbal drinks or foods, or even full of fruits, avoid filling pears in the CNY hamper. In that case, you can replace pears with oranges, grapes, and plums.

  1. Mirror

By most of Asia, mirrors are believed to attract evil ghosts. Also, the mirror is easy to break, and breaking things is a bad sign.

So, now you know what items cannot be used as gifts for the Chinese New Year. We know that many people worldwide have Chinese descent. Chinese New Year celebrations occur in China and various countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, America, and others.

Before the Chinese New Year celebrations, several markets located around the Chinese community will remain open. These markets sell fireworks, clothes, toys, and gifts. Giving gifts to relatives and friends during Chinese New Year celebrations is common for some Chinese people. On Chinese New Year, each family member of the Chinese community will gather with their relatives at a place. After all the family members are present, a meal will be served. 

Like Christmas, on Chinese New Year’s Eve, it is also filled with gift exchange events. And, are you curious about what items you can make as Chinese New Year gifts?  

These are the 5 best Chinese new year gifts for 2021.

  1. Chinese New Year Hamper
Chinese New Year Hamper

Don’t you love it when you receive a basket full of goods during festive occasions like Chinese New Year? I am pretty sure your family & friends would also love it if you gave them a whole set of healthy foods and useful items then. 

A CNY hamper is great for sending to family and friends as a wish of prosperity and harmony for the lunar new year. Sending this hamper is great also to a business associate to make a good impression. 

  1. Red Envelopes

One of the most well-known traditions during Chinese New Year is the giving of red envelopes. In some situations, these red envelopes are given to children of parents. In addition, the custom of giving red envelopes is also given by those who are married to family members who are not married. For children, they usually give 100-1,000 yuan, while for parents, it is 500-2,000 yuan. These red envelopes are generally filled with a certain amount of money and some notes containing prayers of kindness.

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  1. Tea 

In China, tea is a drink that is also provided during the Chinese New Year. Even if you are not celebrating it, giving tea at this celebration is the most subtle and polite way of expressing respect for the host. You can buy quality tea. Don’t give tea bags as gifts. Tea leaves in a nicely wrapped box will make the host even happier on New Year’s Eve.

  1. Fruits

If you are confused, you can also buy fruit parcels arranged in a basket with Chinese-themed decorations. As has been said before, do not give pears because they are a bad sign. The tips, you can give a basket of oranges or apples which are symbols of security and a bright future.

  1. Sweets 

Imlek is also synonymous with sweets. Usually, candied fruit is often provided during the Chinese New Year. However, you can also offer the host sweets that you can buy at food stores. Sweets are usually available in almost all food stores before Chinese New Year.