Businessman Alex Mendieta 


The success story of business entrepreneur and philanthropist Alejandro Mendieta Blanco is known as Alex, is not an ordinary tale. We got to know the true insight into his humble beginnings of life, struggles, and accomplishments for the first time. His story is one you will enjoy and inspire reading.

The way It begun 

Colombian born Alex belonged to a more than comfortable family. However, all this came down when his father, a famous Colombian Doctor, lost all of his wealth when Alex was 9. In interviews, Alex Mendieta claims this incident the best thing that has ever happened to his life. In his own words, “when my dad lost all of his money, I got traumatized, even though I was just a 9-year-old kid. I experienced first-hand what it was like not to have money; not having money was embarrassing, frustrating, and I saw my parents constantly fighting. So I made myself a promise that I would become rich no matter what. When I grew up, I never forgot that promise and the pain that came from not having money”. At the age of 15, Alex made an extraordinary decision. He dropped out of school and somehow managed to get his diploma and finished school almost 3 years before any of his peers.

Going Abroad

He moved to Melbourne, Australia alone, when he turned 16. He had convinced his dad for a one-way ticket, and he would do the rest. He washed dishes, doing the cleaning, and any odd job he could do this time of his life. He did anything and everything to be accustomed to the hard truth of life. He says, “as tough as it was, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world; it made me tough as nails, and being a teenager was the best time to experience it.”

Success in business and life 

Success did not come easy to the young Alex, and he failed 7 different business ventures till he found his first winner. One of the best qualities is his overly optimistic attitude, which allows him to see the face of success at such a young age.

His companies’ yearly turnover is $200,000,000 since 2017. When asked about his goal in 2021, he said that way, with the new vaccines for COVID about to start being rolled out, he expects to hit $500,000,000 turnover from the market for the first time.

Charity and scholarship 

This side of businessman Alex was a surprise to most of us. Although he has been doing his charity for many years, it recently became public. Alex has two charities that he has been self-funding ever since 2016. The one is called “Give a child a bike,” from where he donates over 500 bikes yearly to the most distressed kids of Vietnam, so they go to school for long distances via bikes. His other charity is the “Alex Mendieta Scholarship.” It helps many international students every year to continue their final university studies.