Dive into the world of extremely responsive games UI on Vision 11.


Vision 11

Vision 11 is a fantasy games platform that you can use to play several games. Here the game’s UI(user interface) on this platform is another thing. If you compare the platform with others in terms of responsive UI, you will find the experience you have here is much different from others. Here the developer designs this UI paying much attention to how the platform will fit or readjust the UI and resolution to fit well in the given ideal screen size of the user.

The game UI design of vision 11 was designed considering many aspects so that the user can enjoy extremely responsive games UI while using Vision 11. Now let’s dive into the world of extremely responsive games UI on Vision 11. Playing this game on Getmega will surely offer many benefits and excitement. 

Scaling of the game visuals across different resolutions

Different devices have different resolutions, and this can lead to different performances. Many mobile devices have different aspect ratios like 3:2, 4:3 or 16:9. The game UI in Vision 11 adapts to different aspect ratios with these different aspect ratios. With vision 11, the game’s visual effect will scale dynamically on different devices.

You don’t have to worry if you have a mobile device with low pixel density for display because the game UI will scale itself and fit the resolution supported by your mobile device. Others may want to miracast their mobile device screen to their PC, laptop, or TV. When you do the miracast, the resolution or visual effects will automatically fit on these devices based on device resolution and system performance capability.

Remember, the app was designed using a modern engine, so you do not have to worry about the scaling and all stuff because it can take care of the scaling based on device specification. On Getmega, screen resolution adjustment is automatic and it offers a different gaming experience. 

Simplified games UI

The Vision 11 games UI is a simple one. This feature allows the UI to quickly adapt to different resolutions because it does not have a complicated UI that may take time for your device to render it.

If you look keenly at the vision 11 games UI, you will find that it is not cluttered or has overwhelming or excessive information. The game UI has a few icons, buttons and other simple features that you can use. This design will help you have a thrilling experience while playing without any confusion because of complicated games UI design.

Optimized graphics

It is another feature that will enable you to have extremely responsive games UI on Vision 11. The game UI on vision 11 was created using optimized graphics, which they adapt to different devices depending on the power of that device. Getmega works efficiently on the UI and graphics of the games in order to provide the users with a perfect gaming experience. 

So even if you have a device with a low capability of handling graphics. With Games UI on vision 11, you will not have to worry because you will have an incredible experience. The graphics will adapt well to your device. Therefore beyond resolution, the games UI on Vision 11 can optimize games graphics on different devices. 

Games mechanics

The game mechanics used here are different from others. The fantasy games on this platform were designed to accept various types of inputs. For example, you can use keyboard input or touch input. The games were designed in a way that they would support different input types on other devices. Here, you will be able to work with the input mechanic you are used to and not strain yourself to use a given input type.

It is not a big deal, even if your device is not working properly. You can connect with a virtual controller to help you to provide the required inputs while playing.


These are some of the features that are used to power the game UI on vision 11. With the capability of this platform, you will have extremely responsive games UI that you will enjoy. The game UI uses advanced technology, so you do not have to worry about the platform’s performance on your device because it will adjust and adapt automatically.