Do I Need Blue Light Glasses?


Blue light is also called HEV and compared to others it has a shorter wavelength which goes from 380 to 500 nm. If you wonder why this is important it’s because the shorter the wave is the more energy it contains. You probably head of UV which is also more compressed and it can burn your skin or eyes. This type isn’t as strong as UV but there is an amount of energy you should consider dangerous.

We are exposed to it from the sun also but in a lower volume so we are able to see but we need to control it. The same goes for the monitors or phones but it is artificial. If you already have a bad vision, this may influence it more but there is a solution.

How Can Glasses Block It?

We tend to spend more of our time in front of a screen which certainly has an effect on our health. A great thing is that your favorite brand like Hugo Boss or Gucci Glasses can add some of the features you need to keep your sight healthy. Even if there isn’t enough research when it comes to the effects of computers on our vision, some professionals suggest that the issue is that we don’t blink enough when we are looking at them.

The way these glasses work is by having digital protection lenses that filter and reflect certain strains of blue light. This technology improved over the years because we had only yellow-hued lenses that only filter it. Eye strain is a very common problem that comes over the years or even for younger people.

How to Prevent Eye Strain?

There isn’t better protection from a digital screen than to use your glasses. It helps to decrease the exposure to the blue light but more importantly to decrease eye fatigue which is the number one issue for people that spend a lot of time working on the computer. The first and most important tip is to give your eye a rest every half an hour and look at something that doesn’t have a screen and is a bit more distant. For more info check this.

You won’t be able to protect yourself from the long-term effect you are experiencing every day but it will decrease the damage drastically. This is crucial for youngsters because their sight tends to change rapidly on some occasions so take them to the examinations every year. Some professionals think that the blue light can disturb sleeping patterns so don’t let your children use these devices 2 hours before bedtime.

How to Buy Blue Light Lenses?

You will need to figure out which frame you would like before adding the lens type because they will need to cut out the dimensions. You can always find a search filter to make it easier to find when vising a certain website. The next step would be to enter your prescription because you won’t be able to make a purchase without it. There is also an option to get them without a prescription just the protection with frame.