Eight Essential Tips when Organizing your Kitchen

Home Improvement

Although the kitchen can be your home’s busiest space, it does not have to be the most chaotic. Having a clutter-free kitchen makes everything from making coffee to cooking a lot easier. Being able to easily and quickly find the items you need can save you time and stress. Before you organize your kitchen, take your time sorting the items according to use. Then, arrange the countertops and organize the cabinets and drawers. As a result, you will be able to create your desired storage space.

Get Rid of any Items you Don’t Need

Cluttered cabinets will make it difficult to find any items you need. Avoid keeping items that are taking up space. As you decide which items to keep, think about the last time you used the item to see if they can still be used. If there are items you don’t know how to use, get rid of them. You can give them to a friend or donate to a charity. If there are many items you don’t need, think about having a garage sale.

Open Up Storage

Open storage makes it easy for everyone to help themselves in your kitchen. Arrange crockery and glasses in a way that they are next to the dishwasher and sink so it will be easier and quicker to restock the shelves.

Add Extra Space to the Kitchen

You can do this by using a portable kitchen trolley. Just make sure to go for a functional kitchen trolley design to get the most out of the extra space it offers. Use the trolley for storing bulky items or bringing everything to the dining table in one go instead of going back and forth.  Kitchen trolleys are surprisingly stylish and can offer lots of storage in a small space. In case you need more space, just roll the trolley to the living room or dining nook.

Place Most Frequently Used Items in Easy-to-Reach Places

Such items must be easy to take out, use, wash, and replace. Ensure to place them at eye- or waist-level near the dishwasher, stove, or sink. Avoid stacking items such as pots and pans if you need to dig to find what you need.

Group Similar Items Together

Your categories can include pots, mugs, storage containers, and dinnerware. Store these items in the same spot to make it easier for you to find and get whatever you need. After grouping items together, check that you have only a few of one item. In case you have more than you need, consider letting them go.

Put Commonly Used Kitchenware and Appliances on the Counter

Have an area that you should keep empty like a food preparation area. Then, look for items you use every day like a coffee pot, microwave, cutting board, and dish rack. Place them where your power sockets are located.

Hang the knives

Make sure to keep only the knives you will use like the chopping and paring knives. Get rid of extra knives and knife blocks that can take up too much space on the countertop. If you tend to use certain knives occasionally, place them in a drawer. Consider donating any unused knives and knife block.

Store Food Smartly

Use transparent boxes and jars for storing food to easily find items when you need them. If there are deep drawers in your kitchen, use every bit of the height for storing jars upright. Also, store dried herbs and spice in the drawer.