Enjoy Unforgettable Pennsylvania Live Dealer Experience, With Games at Parx Casino Site


Live dealer games are games that are played online and in real-time. They should not be confused with virtual games. For the past years, a lot of people distanced themselves from engaging in online games. One reason behind that was the absence of a real person who could play the role of a dealer. Today as we speak, you can play live dealer games as you will be playing against a real dealer.

With the Pennsylvania live dealer gambling industry set to commence, operators have already planned. Parx casino is a site in Pennsylvania, and already has an active sports betting and online casino. What has been missing is live dealer games, but we have good news for you. We are introducing them in the next few months. Therefore you can look forward to playing live dealer games at Parx live dealer casino site. Anybody can play live dealer games on this site. It is easy to use for newbies. Also, it is suitable for players who seek to switch from land-based casinos to online casinos, and the experienced players who are looking to reap the best experience from Pennsylvania live dealers.

Games Offered at the Pennysylvania Live Casino(Parx casino site)

Parx Casino is a horse racing site situated in Pennsylvania. It features blackjack, roulette, and baccarat


Blackjack is the most popular game in Pennsylvania live dealer games. Ideally, live dealer casinos open up many tables with incremental minimums, which ranges from as low as $5-$20. Most live dealer blackjacks have an innovation known as bet behind. This feature solves the challenge of limited table space.


It is natural and the best choice for all types of players— new and experienced. This game is easy to understand because it has no complicated rules nor sophisticated strategies. A player is required to bet on where the ball lands the moment the roulette wheel comes to a halt.


Baccarat is a high roller game, and it was among the first games that were offered in Pennsylvania live dealer gaming. Most live dealer gaming casinos offer the traditional punto banco baccarat, where we have single players and multi-seat tables. The most popular variations are bonus baccarat, in running, baccarat pairs, super 6 baccarat, among others.

How to Play Live Dealer Games

To play a live dealer game, visit your online casino and then log in to your account. Click on your favorite game. A video link will come to life, and all players will be immersed in a studio. Before the game starts, players are welcomed warmly by the live dealers. The game then commences after all the players have taken their seats on the virtual table. In live dealer games, dealers are the ones to take the bets, deal with the cards, start or end a set.

Mobile Live Dealer Games

We are living in a world where mobile gadgets are part of our daily lives. Most people can hardly imagine operating without their mobile devices. Almost everything from finding your way on the streets, to setting up meetings, have become dependent on mobile gadgets and apps. The online casino has not been left behind on this transition to mobile live dealer games. Regardless of the type of mobile phone you possess, you can easily find a live dealer games app. Almost every reputable casino has a mobile-responsive online casino site for both iPhones and Androids.

Can Live Dealer Games be Played for Free?

Most live dealer game providers have free playing facilities. Just sign up and choose the free play button. It is a great way to try live dealer games if you have never played before.

Is it Legal to Play Live Dealer Games in Pennsylvania?

Not all gaming platforms are created equal. The PA gaming law allows for intrastate regulated gambling. Ideally, most gambling platforms will be tied to a land-based Pennsylvania live dealer casino. All of the platforms are under the jurisdiction of the PGCB. Therefore ensure that the platforms you play are under the authority of PGCB.

Live dealer games offer not only enjoyment but also unforgettable experiences. You can sign up today and play from the comfort of your home.