How You Can Use Joytech Vape


With so many technologies feature-rich vaporizers launched virtually every day. Most probably it is easy to forget the vast majority of vapers’ simplicity. And also its ease of use is still two very important qualities when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Many people are not interested in experimenting with variable wattage, temperature control or coil building, just they are only looking for a simple device to help them keep their nicotine dependency in check and prevent them from going back to smoking. And there’s where e-cigs like the Joyetech Vape ( come in. this product stands in all in one. This means this is a starter kit that includes everything you need to start vaping or except e-liquid. 

Description of Product

It comes in a sturdy rectangular cardboard box with a life-size rendition of the actual device on the front. And also comes with a short description of the unit as well as a list of the kit contents on the back. Joyetech Vape has high quality and its design of the packaging gives you a pretty good idea of the work. Inside the box, you can see an electronic cigarette, two stainless steel coin heads, a spare drip tip, a USB charging cable, the user manual. The product comes with 6 different languages and a warranty card. You can choose batteries included starter kit so that when one is recharging you can just replace it and keep on vaping. The interesting feature of this product is its slick minimalist, reduce size and weight.

Battery life

The battery capacity is 1500mAh. The product’s power outcome is not adjustable, so it will only fire between 4.2V to 3.7 V. It is also depending upon how charged the battery is. Couple with the coils included in the starter kit and you have a wattage range of 15W-28W. It is more enough to satisfy more vapors. This doesn’t take a heavy toll on battery life.

Overall Performance

 This product makes sub-ohm vaping available to virtually everyone so even fresh ex-smokers looking for an electronic cigarette for the first time. Now, this product is used to be advanced vaping territory that users had to work their way up to several months and years od using this device. It is more reliable and compatible. Now theses product are affordable and low budgets. So this is the right time to take advantage of this product and change your style.