Plastic or Paper: Best Choices for CBD Processing


It’s easy to say that plastic is inherently bad for the environment. But how harmful is it really for the environment? And what are the differences when it comes to plastic packaging? In this article we will explain to you whether sustainable packaging made of environmentally friendly plastic or plastic-free packaging is the better alternative in CBD display box.

These are the advantages of plastic packaging

In addition to the disadvantages that are often mentioned, plastic packaging also has a few advantages:

  • Less waste: plastic packaging prevents spills and keeps CBD together.
  • Protection against damage: they help to transport sensitive CBD products safely.
  • Protection against contamination: they protect CBD items from damage or contamination by gases, moisture, light, insects, microorganisms etc.
  • Increased preservation: CBD products stay fresh longer.

Plastic also has some advantages as a material:

  • It’s shatterproof: unlike glass, for example, it doesn’t break that easily.
  • It’s hygienic: plastic can help prevent contamination. This is an important point when packaging sterile products such as syringes.
  • It’s safe: plastic products can contain hazardous processes, such as child safety locks.
  • It is light and durable: as it is thinner than other materials, it takes up less space during transport and thus ensures lower CO2 emissions.
  • Some plastic is recyclable – so something new can be made from old plastic.
  • Plastic also has its downsides

However, Custom CBD oil boxes packaging does not always have to be sustainable packaging. If it is made from plastics that cannot be easily recycled, such packaging ends up in the garbage dump or in the incinerator. Most of the plastic in our packaging, however, consists of polyethylene or polypropylene. Most of this type of plastic can be recycled in Europe. It is therefore particularly important to improve collection systems and encourage consumers to recycle plastic packaging accordingly.

Environmentally Friendly Plastic: Is That Possible?

Environmentally friendly plastic packaging is undoubtedly the best alternative. These are made from renewable or recycled materials and can also be recycled yourself. For example, recyclable bottles can be made into a variety of things, such as carpets, tiles, furniture, pipes, bottles for detergents, and motor oil.

Which Packaging Is More Environmentally Friendly: Environmentally Friendly Plastic Or Paper?

Even if many people automatically assume that paper is better than plastic for Custom CBD tincture boxes, plastic-free packaging is still not always the better choice. Because the influence that paper packaging can also have on the CO2 footprint should not be underestimated. What is really the better alternative must always be weighed individually.

Plastic can be hygienic, safe and easy to use packaging that produces little waste. Still, in some cases, paper can be a real alternative to plastic packaging. And you already know more about plastic packaging, the pros and cons of various sustainable packaging and can make the best choice for yourself.