Points To Check, Before You Accept The Delivery Of The Custom Police Patches


Are you looking for the Custom Police Patches? Police uniforms with customized patches can go a long way to speak about your personality as a responsible officer. How will you ensure that you are availing the best quality patches? Here is your guide in that regard.

Are the patches in the right size as you ordered?

The most important point of consideration is the size of the patch. This has to be perfectly proportionate to ensure that the uniform appears classy and sophisticated on the whole. So, you should check, if the provider has given the right size the patches, before you accept the delivery of the consignments. If not, you should return back the consignments immediately and ask for the necessary adjustments.

See, if the design of the logo matches the artwork you provided to the provider

Once, you find that the patches are in the desired size, you need to check if the logo has been given the perfect design, as intended by you. Check, if the words, inside the logo, if any, has been rightly crafted and the logo on the uniform perfectly matches with the design and appearance as in the artwork you provided to the embroidery service partner.

Has the provider applied the right backing and border type?

It is expected that the provider should have applied the right backing to the patch in the right manner and has crafted the right border, along with the patch. These are other important points that you need to check to ensure that you are getting the delivery of the most suitable solutions, as per your need and choices.

In addition, if need to check,  if your embroidery service partner has delivered the right count of patches, as you ordered. Ideally, the provider should send you some additional numbers than what you actually ordered. Likewise, it is crucial that the consignments reach you in the perfectly packed condition. This ensures that the materials inside the package will reach you in the perfect condition. Before you accept the delivery, you should always check these points, and deviations are found, return it and request the necessary alterations.