Steps to Install Floor Carpet

Home Improvement

We all know the fact that carpet flooring gives us an indulgent and luxurious feel. Carpet flooring can express so much about your lifestyle and personality. Luxury style of carpet will give your floors value and high-performance. It is vital to know about warranties and fibers before you purchase a carpet for installation. There are few steps for carpet installation which are as follows

  • Right choice of carpet

The first step is to choose the right carpet that best suits your house. Carpet five major types of cut, which are Berber cut pile, Berber loop pile, cut and loop pile, and commercial loop. Every type of carpet has both synthetic and natural fibers in it. Areas, where there is high traffic, can make use of subtle texture or colour for their carpet fibers. In formal areas, it is better to install carpet which gives a visual appeal to your Eyes and a good feel to your feet. You can also get the help of professionals to install the carpet for your floors.

  • Remove the existing carpet

Before installing a new carpet remove the old carpets. This can be difficult work to be done before installing a new carpet especially if you own pets, the old carpet may be full of animal hair and dirt. Who installs carpets wear a mask to protect themselves from infection. Initially will have to remove the moldings around your floor and near the door before you begin to cut the old carpet.

  • Install the new carpet

Make sure that the car bit pieces are larger than the room overlay which can go up to six inches. You must also ensure to give the overlay as it can be quite tricky and is a very important process to be done properly. Installers who are experts avoid any kind of damage or wastage of the carpet.

  • Attach and stretch the carpet

The final step is to finish carpet installation by stretching the carpet with the help of a knee kicker. This will help you to spread the carpet along your floor.

The above-mentioned steps can be followed in installing carpet for your floors. You can even seek expert advice to install carpets on your flooring. It is better to buy carpets from the best carpet store for the longevity of the carpets.