Top 7 Reasons of Why You Should Move to North Dakota


North Dakota is full of beauty no matter where you plan to go. It is one of the least populated and visited states, but surely offers plenty to its residents. If you are confused about moving here, the below mentioned 7 reasons will surely clear your mind. 

  1. Moving to Dakota is easy

No matter from which state you are shifting to North Dakota, moving shouldn’t be a major issue. With the help of a dependable packers and movers, you will do just fine. Besides, if you are worried thinking how to ship a car to North Dakota, you can depend on Ship a Car, Inc. anytime. They provide superior car shipping services and help people moving their vehicles. Also, businesses can contact them for relocating their heavy equipment. 

  1. Better life quality

When it comes to moving, it is important to consider your present lifestyle and then plan to relocate where you can have a better one, North Dakota gives you just that. You and your family can have everything you deserve.

You will be surprised to see, but this legendary state has it all – great national parks, a perfectly livable and healthy environment and a strong community. If you have children, or you are planning to start a family, this state can offer you a truly dependable neighborhood. 

  1. Great job opportunities

It is a great place to start a career. North Dakota is known as one of the states with lowest unemployment rate. The major industries include – oil, natural gas and agriculture, but technology industry and manufacturing is also emerging in the market. For now, it is safe to say that North Dakota has plenty of jobs to offer. 

  1. Extremely Tax-Friendly

The state has secured 6th rank on the’s list of most tax-friendly states. This means, you need not to worry about giving up major part of your income away. The local and sales tax averagely comes to just 6.78% and income tax is consistently dropping. Besides, since the fiscal stability of the state is very good, these trends won’t change anytime in near future. 

  1. Higher education is way better

Even though it is a state with less population, the quality of higher education is way better compared to other states. As per the Best States reports, the North Dakota ranks 6th for higher education. The Uni. of North Dakota and The North Dakota State Uni., both are great institutes and offers great courses in agriculture and rural medicine. 

  1. Perfect for foodies

If good food is a priority for you, North Dakota will definitely not disappoint you. Thanks to the Norweigen, German and Native American influences, the food here is simply great. Some of the best dishes to enjoy here are casseroles topped with tater tots, Fleischkuekle, German meat-filled pastry, German potato dumpling soup, and the Knoephla.

  1. Starry Nights

If you are the romantic types, the clear and crisp skies of North Dakota will amaze you. Since the population rate is low, so is the pollution, and thus you can enjoy uninterrupted views of stars? 

Lastly, to conclude it can be said that North Dakota offers everything one can ask for. If you want to settle here, don’t think much. Whatever you want – beautiful sceneries, a friendly neighborhood, or good job security – North Dakota has it all.