What Kind of Outcomes Can You Anticipate from Rogaine?


If you are amongst most people that find Rogaine effective, you can expect to notice results within three months. Sometimes it takes much less time to see, but three months is the longest you must have to wait.

For the majority of people, Rogaine quits or slows their loss of hair drastically.

Some individuals, concerning 25 to nearly 60 per cent, notified hair regrowth within three months. This hair is thin and light initially, but it quickly enlarges up as well as darkens to the same colour as the rest of the hair.

Both Males and Females Can use Rogaine

Rogaine is a reliable loss of hair therapy for males and females. Rogaine 5 for women is the only therapy that has been accepted by the FDA to include 5 per cent minoxidil. This has resulted in a phenomenal appeal with women that are trying to find a long-term fix for their thinning hair.

As with all various other hair loss therapies results vary, but below is a list that has been assembled from several research studies that took a look at the results in both men and women:

  • Rogaine stopped or drastically slowed the loss of hair in regarding 80 per cent of individuals.
  • From 25 to 57 per cent of participants revealed modest to thick regrowth.

Lots of researches followed up, and almost all of them gave the same results. These follow-ups showed when Rogaine is used for continuously, they remained to stop loss of hair for at the very least 16 years. Although there are currently no researches that exceed 16 years, the information recommends that Rogaine continues to be reliable in stopping loss of hair forever. In other words, Rogaine works for life; you just need to use it for your lifetime.