3 User Onboarding Hacks For Marketers


Even before you launch your product or service, you start thinking how to get it adapted among your masses. In fact, marketers presently use various user onboarding tools to streamline this process. In this post, we bring you some of the best hacks of user onboarding. With the right approach, you can optimize the experience for your clients right from the word go.

Think from your users’ perspective

When you come up with the UI design in your software or app, make sure to think from your users’ perspective. It is important to find out what your potential customers are thinking. Accordingly, you need to design the experience for them. Understanding their problem makes the process simpler. Try to think from the perspective of your users and deliver a customized experience accordingly.

Offer the right kind of support

Well, it is critical to deliver the right kind of support at the most relevant instance. Users do not have time to go search for the necessary information explicitly. Therefore, you need to come up with contextual help for them. Deploying user onboarding tools like Apxor can work wonders in this approach. Visual demonstrations can also help you minimize the cost of customer support significantly.

Try out new tactics for user onboarding

You need to be flexible with the user onboarding process. Particularly, speaking of the UI design, you may have to try out new strategies, based on the experiences of the users. Successful business firms collaborate with a responsive and agile team. This helps them deploy various experiments on their products. They use the user feedback while working on the UI. It is important to have a free-flowing feedback mechanism or communication between the support team and the customers.

It is also recommended to incorporate some of the robust tools to streamline your onboarding process. These include Skype, LiveChat, ZenDesk, Apxor and Auth0. With these user onboarding hacks, you can enhance your product adaptability in the market.