Aghanim’s Scepter for everyone! But will it be useful? | Dota 2 Supports


Supports with Aghanim’s Scepter

C-TIer includes such Aghanims that could be used in very narrow situations, and in most cases, it will be almost useless or require a ton of additional artifacts that do not fit the very position of a support role.

Crystal Maiden – Let is snow

Aghanim upgrade: All enemies that are standing in your ultimate for more than 2.5 seconds, will be affected by Frostbite.

A pretty interesting Aghanim bonus that even could be extremely useful, but never forgets, that you need a lot of additional artifacts: Balck King Bar, Force Staff, Glimmer Cape.

Crystal Maiden dota 2

Because without these items Crystal Maiden will never have the right position to cast an Ultimate or it will be interrupted as soon as possible.

Chen – Ancients are my pets

Aghanim upgrade: Allows to take under control ancient creeps, one per level of the ultimate “Hand of God”.

Ancients in the Dota 2 are pretty strong, but all their abilities are not so impressive for Chen or his team. Even Centaurus could bring more impact into the team fight than the ancient Black Dragon.

Chen dota 2

And I don’t even want to mention Thunder Lizards and Stone Golems, because all their abilities are just useless and the maximum they can do is to push and tank towers.

Dazzle – Nobody will die

Aghanim upgrade: Shallow Grave is now an AoE spell.

Interesting upgrade, but it could be useful in too narrow situations. Like if your whole team was caught in the Black Hole or was pulled together with the Reverse Polarity.

Dazzle dota 2

In all other situations, your team will never be so close to each other to make the purchase of Aghanim’s Scepter on Dazzle justified. Even the carry Dazzle (so popular at that will have more than enough money could spend them on more impactful artifacts (or Dagon with 3 seconds cooldown)!

Jakiro – Longer and stronger ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Aghanim upgrade: Increases the length, duration and damage of the fire path.

Enhanced macropyre is amazing, but do you understand that without right artifacts, like Rod of Atos or Scythe of Wise they will run out from Jakiro ultimate in 2 seconds?

Jakiro dota 2

Support items would be much better, and even the Rod of Atos or Eul’s Scepter will give you much more opportunities for killing an enemy.

Keeper of the Light – Only the glimpse of the previous power

Aghanim upgrade: Illuminate no longer require channeling and could heal allies it hits during the day time.

A pretty interesting thing, but only after CORE support items. And never forget that you are a support, and Keeper of the Light must not push lanes and steal potential farm from the core players. In most cases, that will lead to a shortage of gold.

Kotl dota 2

KotL is incredibly strong support even without Aghanim so better think twice before building one. Your Illuminates are not so great in teamfights, so it might be better to build Mekansm or Guardian Greaves.