3 Things to Look Out for When Your Webcam is Hacked


One of the most essential components of a computer system is the webcam and it is useful in a number of ways. It also projects one of the gravest threats to invading your privacy. If someone hacks into your webcam to keep an eye on you, it can lead to terrible repercussions. Luckily, a webcam is hard to control when you are unaware that it is in use. Here are a few things to look out for when your webcam is hacked.

  1. Have a look at your storage files

When someone is using your webcam to record a footage, it is a huge sign that there will be a few videos or audio storage files that you never created. Check the webcam recordings folder. If you find files that you don’t remember, of if you do remember that you never created or recorded any kind of file, then it is being recorded by a hacker with the help of your webcam. The hacker must also have probably changed the location of the files to another folder, so always check the webcam settings to make sure that the saved files location folder is the one you have chosen by yourself.

  1. Lookout for the webcam indicator light

The little light near the lens denotes that your webcam is recording a video currently. This signifies that the light should be off when the webcam is not in use. If the light is flashing, it means webcam hack has taken place. If the light is steadily glowing, it means that the webcam is recording video. Either case, this is an indication that your webcam is controlled by someone else. When the light stops working, don’t fix it. But if there is no warning light then it still means that your webcam is accessed without your knowledge. The best way to tackle this is to block your camera when not in use.

  1. Look out if the webcam behaves abnormally

Webcams are now evolving day by day, meaning that they are now equipped with newer functions. For instance, webcams can be easily moved from side to side to capture better videos with equipped mics and speakers and let them act as phones. Webcams also have a feature to adjust their lenses for enhanced resolution. If your webcam is behaving abnormally, then it means that it has been hacked and is being controlled by someone remotely. Keep an eye on these signs and watch the camera carefully. Notice if it changes positions or make any kind of noise. If it does, it is hacked.