B1 level test:how to Deal with It


The Spoken Examination at B1 level has four jobs, based upon real-life situations. You do the exam in sets. In the first three jobs, you talk just to the inspector, yet in the last job, you have a conversation with your partner.

Task 1 – Meeting

Initially, the examiner will ask you a very straightforward question; e.g., Are you a pupil, or do you work? After that, you get two questions on a topic: e.g., family, holidays, institutions. You answer with 1 or 2 sentences. You don’t obtain the concerns one after one more; the supervisor will ask you, then your partner, after that you once more.

Tips as well as Ideas for Task 1

  • The initial question is very simple. Try to offer a quick, easy answer.
  • The two subject inquiries are different. The initial has to do with you and the subject, e.g., Do you like vegan food? The second is about your opinion, e.g., Is vegan food healthy?
  • If you obtain a Yes-or-No question, claim greater than just a fast “Yes” or “No.” Offer a common or reason; e.g., Is vegetarian a healthy as well as balanced food? Yes, due to the fact that it can consist of plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • Before the examination, you will be able to accumulate beneficial sentences concerning your life, your point of view, and activities, and so on, e.g., “I do not do a great deal of sporting activity. I presume I could live a healthier way of living.” or “I’m fed up with truth shows, that is going to have nothing with real life.”


You will have a three-minute discussion with your partner concerning a topic; e.g., What is the very best present for a close friend?

This is a three-minute improvised discussion about a provided topic. While nearing the end of your conversation, we are going to like you as well as your partner for agreeing on something. First, you are going to brainstorm the main things of the argument concerning the topic. With your companion, consider five or six suitable presents and afterward decide on the most effective one, then you are anticipated to talk about each factor carefully. Then at the end of the conversation, you can attempt to concur, which is the most effective or important option. Throughout the entire 3-minute long discussion, try to use the language of debating and saying.

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