Buying The Most Expensive Blonde Sex Doll This Summer Will Be A Great Deal


Summers are already in and the markets are filled with offers and the most unique and different offer this summer has come from manufacturers of sex dolls. You can now buy the most expensive blonde sex doll available in the market at half price just because of the summer sale that is going on in the online market where these elf sex dolls are sold. So what is the price for these dolls like and why should you buy these dolls instead of fucking your girlfriend.

Price range of some of the best sex dolls

  • $1400-$1800 –

These are mostly the normal elf sex dolls that are known for their beauty and sharpness. These dolls are made using the best quality import material to make sure that your act of sex should be pleasurable and these dolls are washable as well then there are varieties where you can detach and replace the parts of the doll as well depending on your need. This is basically the first range of sex dolls available in the markets these days.

  • $1900 – $2300 –

If you want the best in class blonde sex doll then you should get it in this range as the dolls that are sold within the prices ranging from $2000-$2600 are considered best of their type because these dolls have mechanisms inserted inn them that allows them to make sounds when you fuck them and the most yummy thing about dolls sold in this price range is that you get porn star dolls in this category as well.

  • $2400 – $3000 –

When they say most expensive sex doll it comes under this category but then as summer sales for sex dolls is going on in the online markets you may get these dolls in much lower prices. These dolls are highly mechanised with sounds and expressions as well and the best thing in this category is that you get celebrity sex dolls on order within this price range. Now you can actually fuck your favourite celebrity on who you have been shagging upon for years and they won’t even know.

How much do you actually save?

Well my friend thing for once how much you spend on your girl just for 30 minutes of fuck that she gives you once in a week. To start with the $100 gift that you give her in the morning thinking you will make her day and then the cost of travelling in a taxi comes around $30-$40 and then when you are shopping she suddenly falls in love with a bikini that costs $200 and you buy it for her.

Then comes shoes that cost around $150-$200 or even more finally you take her for clothes and she chooses the most expensive stuff in the mall which costs around $500+ and then finally that dinner costing $300. So the total is around $1400 and when you buy even the most expensive sex doll you are saving from your second fuck itself and the pleasure is same.