Cash Savings on your Tampa Visit


Having Cheap Fun in Tampa

Due to its close proximity to Miami, Tampa is often overlooked. Budget travelers should not make this mistake as the city has attractions that are equally beautiful but do not necessitate a fat pocket money. This town also has nice white sandy beaches that beach bums can find a real haven during summertime. In addition, it hosts major events so you would not run out of things to do and places to go to. There are certainly plenty of activities for everyone in the family. Mark your calendars for your Tampa visit and start planning how you can make cash savings in the city.

“You can go for fun and inexpensive clubbing in Tampa. The town’s nightlife scene is as jovial as the clubs in Miami but not as costly.”

Tampa is one good and cheap alternative for Miami vacation. Below are some more moneysaving tips on how you can gat a bang for your buck.

  • Look out for budget lodgings that are in close proximity to the Tampa International Airport. The rates are not that high and it is near to some of the major attractions. However, staying at hotels situated at the outskirts of the town can even save you a lot more money as they have the lowest rates. is bringing the human touch back into the world of online travel. With a focus on providing travelers with personalized experiential travel planning.
  • If Miami is famous for its first-rate clubbing, you can experience a cost-efficient nightlife scene in this city. There are budget clubs and restaurants in Ybor City that allows tourists who are 21 years old and above to have a blast when the sun comes down. There are also cheap restaurants in the area if you just want to have a feast on the regional cuisine.
  • Your kids can delight on the economical attractions in Tampa such as Busch Gardens Africa, which is a zoo that houses about 2,700 different animals and an amusement park at the same time. Afterward, magnificent Florida Aquarium located at Port of Tampa will let you have a look at luxury cruise liners.
  • Go window shopping at chic malls like International Plaza and Bay Street or haggle unique deals at shopping centers around the Manatee County and Old Hide Park Village. This is where you can hunt for exceptional yet cheap souvenirs.
  • The city also hosts major events all throughout the year. During March and April, you can catch local and international artists performing for the music festival. Another notable event is the pirate festival held every January’s last Saturday. “Gasparilla” highlights the valor of the pirate Joe Gaspar.
  • Of course, Tampa can also offer you white sandy beaches. Go sunbathing and have fun with waters of St. Petersburg and Clearwater Beach for a reasonable amount. The best thing about the city is that it does not rain that much during the later part of the year so the beach goers can enjoy water activities almost all year round.

Tampa certainly has a lot to offer to anyone who would take time to discover its beauty. It will not require you to have a fat savings account just to have a great time in the city.