Top 5 Visited Tourist Attractions in Makassar



Along with the city audiences, which are rather attention-grabbing, Makassar also offers plenty of fantastic tourist attractions. Many tourist attractions from Makassar, South Sulawesi, provide trips and beaches, making your us parks attractions map holiday more enjoyable. Ok, instead of talking about Makassar in general, let us examine attractions in New Hampshire farther about the best tourist attractions in Makassar.

1. Fort Rotterdam

The positioning of this tourist attraction at the Makassar area of South Sulawesi is on the shore west of the Town of Makassar. Therefore, in case you stop by this town, do not miss out on seeing the ideal tourist place in Makassar with this one.

2. Losari Beach

The ideal tourist attraction in Makassar is that one provides a quite intriguing view and makes you overlook. For quite a long time, this one tourist attraction from Makassar is popularly referred to as the fish center and is available until this day. Therefore don’t be surprised if you discover plenty of stalls offering culinary to about 1 kilometer long.

The place of Losari Beach itself is situated in the west of Makassar City. The shores are relatively clean and well preserved, making many vacationers come here to invest some time refreshing their heads. Suppose you would like to see the best version of this tourist attraction at Makassar. In that case, it’s a good idea to come in the day until evening, since here you’ll discover a different atmosphere needless to say.

3. Samalona Island


Not just that, Samalona Island can be a reasonably excellent snorkeling place in Makassar.

Therefore, if you see South Sulawesi, do not just skip to see the ideal tourist attraction at Makassar, South Sulawesi.

4. Lae – Lae Island

The tourist attraction within Makassar this one provides very magnificent views. You can enjoy the air of this shore, that’s quite amazing, and you may also find ancient sites of war relics from the underground tunnels.

This place of attraction is located about 1.5 kilometers out of Makassar City.

5. The Tallo King’s Grave Complex


The King’s Grave Complex- King Tallo is a tourist destination at Makassar that retains a lot of Makassar’s historical heritage. Here you’ll discover temples, tombs, mosques, and other old buildings.

This place is a very popular tourist attraction within Makassar, situated in Tallo Village, Tallo District, roughly 7 kilometers in Makassar City. If you stop by this town, do not neglect to see the very popular tourist attractions in Makassar, this specific one.

Vacation in Makassar is more than enjoying the scenery. It’s also about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Makassar by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.