Curtain installation journey of complete guidance

Curtain installation journey of complete guidance

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Choosing a curtain installation for your doors or windows is important, without it your home interior is not complete your home never leaves a good impression on your guest, but the installation of a curtain is a big task even if we can say that it’s a complete job. A professional knows the importance of it.

How to choose a curtain for your room?

Which curtain gives an outclass look to smaller areas, and which suits the most in big rooms all these questions arise in my mind and need proper guidance and information. In this blog, we will give you lots of ideas on how you can install curtains at your home with these easy tips and you can also guide your family members. Let’s have a look.

Curtain is important for all homes whether it is big or not. It gives value to the home when installed well. Otherwise, it leaves a bad impression when you measure the hanging curtain remembering these points, it will help you in installation.

Steps for installation curtains

Before starting measurement, you must know that panels should be wide which can easily cover your door, window, or walls. Because no one wants to get up with the disturbance of sunlight which your curtain cannot do, so it is necessary for you to measure the correct dimension before purchasing a rod or curtain.

The second step is the installation curtain

First, examine the wall perfectly and take the correct measurement for the installation of the rod. carefully mark the points with a pencil or wall chalk and use a drill to make a hole on the wall the whole should not be bigger or smaller. It should be according to nail size then attach the rod with the help of nails when it becomes joined with the wall then repeat the same procedure for the opposite side. After installation, check whether it can bear the burden or not. If you feel it is not tightened, then you can manage it by inserting a nail with the help of a drill machine. The rod you have installed must be 3 to 4 inches above the window or door. Rod should be 8 to 12 inches long. It allows pulling and stretching. Or you can even stretch the complete curtain from one side to another.

After the installation of the rod

Once again take the correct measurement for your drapery or curtain and measure the length and width of your wall, after completing these processes you should know which curtain suits your room.

If your room is small in size then don’t buy an extra-long curtain that touches the floor, it makes your room smaller, try to choose a curtain that is at least 1 inch above the floor otherwise your curtain becomes dirty soon and looks bad. But if you have installed carpet at your home then you can drape a long curtain.

 Which curtains suit the bedroom?

It’s a tricky question and needs a brief description but in short, we suggest that the bedroom is the only place where you want to sleep and want privacy. For this purpose black curtains are best because they can provide privacy to your room, noise can’t reach outside easily and also sunlight never disturbed you.