Expert’s Guide to Cutting Your Storage Trailers Rental Costs


Storage trailers have become increasingly popular now as more people opt for them for extra storage. Owing to their high demand, the price of storage units has skyrocketed to exorbitant heights. The cost of an average sized storage trailer is approximately $40 for a small unit and $225 or more per month for a larger-sized unit.

If the high cost of living is anything to go by, you must admit that renting storage trailers or cars isn’t the best solution for someone seriously looking to save. So, how can you cut down on your storage trailers rental costs? Here’s an experts guide you can leverage;

  1. Share With Someone Else

It is better to find a large storage trailer and share it among several people instead of renting a whole storage unit on your own. If you suspect that your furniture, old clothing, books, and other belongings won’t take up too much space, how about joining efforts and have someone else share the rental costs by using the same storage unit?

  1. Cut Down On Energy Use

Most storage units use electricity to for lighting purposes. But a storage trailer isn’t like your home where constant power is needed. You probably go there a couple of times a week. It makes little sense to pay for an electricity bill that you don’t even use on top of paying the rent for your storage trailer.

Opt for alternative energy like a small solar panel. Or bring a torch with you every time you want to go and check up on your property. You could also temporarily switch off the lights at the main meter on your unit and turn it on only when you visit instead of leaving it on throughout.

  1. Find Alternative Storage

Most houses have basements, garages, and attics with plenty of space. But because you don’t want to cram your home spaces, you prefer to store them in a storage unit. However, if you organize your property really well in boxes and shelves, you’d be surprised how well they fit. Try and use some of the extra space you have at home first before choosing to pay for a storage unit. Even if everything cannot fit in your attic or basement, you can find a smaller storage trailer to keep the remaining belongings. After all, a smaller trailer costs significantly less than a larger one. It’s always worth Searching for used mini hatch car prices on

  1. Get Rid Of Some Items

‘I am too attached to my things’. ‘I don’t have time to host a yard sale’. ‘What if I need them later?’ You can’t imagine how many items (that people don’t even really need) go into storage because of these misplaced fears. Think of how much rent money you will be paying cumulatively in a whole year for a storage trailer full to the brim with stuff that you will never use.

If the items in your storage trailer can help someone else out there more than you, consider giving them away to charity or sell them. The little that you’re left with in the end is what deserves to go into storage.

Storage trailers come in handy when you have items and no space to store them. But this doesn’t mean that you have to spend more to rent one. With the tips above, you are now in a better position to save a few bucks and lower your storage trailer rental costs.