What To Do With That Annoying Cellulite?


It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just about every woman out there has to put up with it and admit they have at least a little. Yes, we’re talking about cellulite. It can be embarrassing. It can even make you a little less likely to go to the beach, but the truth is that cellulite is quite prevalent in adult women. Estimates are that between eighty-five and ninety-eight percent of post-adolescent females suffer from cellulite deposits.

If you can live with that, then be proud of yourself. There are some, though, that would prefer to look for solutions to the problem of cellulite.

First, consult with your doctor and see what advice he has for dealing with cellulite. He, or she, will probably tell you that they see cellulite all the time and that it is a very normal thing. If you want to seek counselling in order to come to terms with that, there are many people out there to talk to. This may seem like a glib suggestion, but sometimes just having someone to discuss the issue with can help.

If you’ve decided to take action against it, know what it is. Cellulite is essentially subcutaneous fat, which is to say that it’s fat under the skin along with connective tissue that causes a kind of dimpling effect. How do you deal with getting rid of it? Let’s take a look at some of the ways available:

Cellfina is one treatment method available. It is an FDA approved treatment and works by inserting a needle into the cellulite and breaking it up. This effect can last for up to two years, but may have to be done again.

Velashape is kind of like a high-frequency and infrared massager that helps to break up the cellulite. This treatment does have results but it takes several treatments to notice a difference. You also have to keep going back and having it done.

Cellulaze uses laser technology to accomplish the same effect of breaking up cellulite. It will also flatten out fat and thicken your skin to achieve the best effects. This has the same drawback as Velashape, however. The effect will last for over a year, but you eventually have to go back for another treatment.

Unison is kind of a super-powered massager and heating pad! This technology uses heat and vibration to break up cellulite and give you that smoother look to your skin. To achieve the best results, you usually need to get about four treatments. Each treatment is quick, though, taking only about twenty to thirty minutes.

Thermage is also available and uses radiofrequency to stimulate the skin in order to heal itself. It’s non-invasive and can take anything from a half-an-hour to an hour and a half, depending on how much skin needs to be treated.

Vaser is a new form of liposuction that drains the fat using ultrasound therapy and lymphatic massage to achieve results. This option is considered among the gentler of the techniques available.