Feeding Cats on a Raw Pet Diet


Cats also need a lot of raw foods in their diets. Unlike other species that can produce their taurine, cats need to have this supplemented in their foods. One may ask why taurine is important for cats. It is necessary to ensure cats have excellent heart and eye function. Without it, your favorite cat friend will develop complications. It is also needed for fetal development, reproduction, heating, and general growth and development. 

What Helps Increase Taurine?

Now that you already understand that cats require more taurine since they cannot generate their own from amino acids, it is important to understand which foods can help supplement this. 

Red meat is rich in taurine and, as such, should be fed more to cats.

Besides red meat, you can also feed your cat with organ meat, including liver, kidney, lungs, heart, and blood. All these are rich in the much-needed taurine and can be alternatives that work.

The idea is to come up with a variety of complete mixes. This is where you rotate the sources of taurine you feed the cat to ensure it gets a sufficient supply of these much-needed ingredients. Rotating proteins by giving different ingredients will do the trick.

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