How to keep your French bulldogs warmer during chilly months?


French bulldogs are a sensitive breed and they cannot tolerate any extreme weather condition like excessive cold or excessive heat. As a frenchie dog owner, have you ever wondered why French bulldogs cannot tolerate such extremities of temperature? The French bulldogs are basically brachycephalic breeds and their soft palates are responsible for creating breathing problems. They cannot regulate the body temperature unlike other breeds and therefore, they are susceptible to cold weather. Also, the less volume of hair is not sufficient to provide comfort during winters. These dogs are not genetically designed to tolerate excess heat or cold conditions. This guide has all the details including the symptoms and the safety tips on how to keep your dog healthy and fit during cold months. This guide should also be helpful for those who are looking forward to buy a new French dog.

Symptoms your dog has got cold:

The owners have to look for few symptoms and signs during winter to know if their dog has got cold. The below are the list of symptoms to look out for and if you find any one of them, it’s time to call for an action.

  • shivering
  • lethargic
  • Refusal to go out
  • whining or barking
  • Making burrows in bed

In serious cases, your dog can show symptoms of hypothermia which is absolutely fatal for your dog. The signs of hypothermia are: Dilated poop, cold fur and skin, breathing issues, trembling, shivering, trouble walking, lack of movement, slow heartbeat, kidney failure and body weakness.

Tips to take care of your dog during winters:

Now that you are aware of the symptoms, below mentioned are few tips to keep your pooch safe from getting cold.

  • Buy warm clothes– French bulldogs need clothes like pajamas, jackets, black French bulldog shirt an booties to prevent an extra layer of protection to your dog.
  • Regular health checkups– The young puppies and the older dogs are more prone to cold temperature. Therefore, you should go for health checkups to ensure with the vet that everything is ok with your dog. In case of any symptoms, your vet will be able to tell you.
  • Stay indoors– Although French bulldogs needs to go out for a walk because of the tendency to gain weight, the owners should refrain from going outdoors in the evening or at night. Even if you are taking him out in the afternoon, make sure you dress him up with pajama, French bulldog shirt, and booties to provide extra protection. Also, make sure that the water you give them for drinking should be warm.